The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suggestion for an Operational Guide to Responsible Congressional Operations.

Operational Guide to Responsible Congressional Operations.

In an effort to preserve the United States of America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our cherished freedoms, we the people beseech and demand of the members of Congress to pass the measures described hereafter in this bill without changes, modifications, stipulations, omissions or additional language not imperative to the spirit of this bill.

That no one no matter their stature, as a civilian, in government or otherwise has the authority to operate outside of the clear language and clear meaning of the constitution of the United States of America. That the Constitution is supreme law of the land and no one is above it including the President of the United States of America.

1. No law can be passed by Congress that can not clearly be in complete compliance with the Constitution.

2. No law shall be passed that can not be clearly read and understood by an average 8th grade elementary student.

3. No law shall be voted for by any member of Congress that has not fully read and demonstrated that he or she has a full understanding of the bill.

4. No bill shall be put forth to Congress that encompasses more than one separate and distinct issue.

5. No bill shall be tacked on as a (rider) to any other bill.

6. No laws shall be passed that uses references to another law or any passages from another printed source as part of the language of the bill. The entire language needs to be contained in the bill without reference to any other source.

7. That no new bills shall be offered without at least one old antiquated law being nullified and no law shall be passed without at least three laws being considered for nullification.

8. That all laws need to be reviewed for revision or nullification and rewritten and passed again by congress with new and clear language if the law should still have merit.

9. All laws need to be reviewed to determine if the law is in contradiction with the constitution and nullified if found to be so.

10. That no law that is contrary to the constitution shall be enforced by any official and that the citizen has a right to challenge any law that appears to be contrary to the constitution.

11. No law shall be passed by congress that would benefit any member of Congress.

12. That any member of Congress shall be expelled with out any further compensations or benefits should they be found guilty of violating ethics, receiving gifts, favoring any person, party, firm, organization or candidate with public funds, campaign funds or favors. That any member of Congress shall be expelled with out any further compensations or benefits should they be found guilty of violating the constitution.

13. No member of Congress shall vote for any issue that would benefit any person, party, firm, organization or candidate that contributed more than the nominal amount for campaigns.

14. That members of Congress should be treated to and receive the same compensations, access to health care, pensions and wages as the average citizen of the United States.

15. That Congress no longer has the power to set the congressional pay scale and that this value shall be decided upon by the people.

In the complete spirit of the American experience, we the people further beseech congress to do the following things, in as short a space of time as possible, in order to replace the United States of America to its original state. Because of the scope and the shear size of how much damage our congressmen have done over the past years, this list of suggestions would, by necessity, go one for many hundreds of pages suggesting that it may well be far easier to scrap the whole tangled ball of wax and start with a fresh slate saving only the constitution and the bill of rights.

16. Repeal and nullify all unconstitutional laws and all government departments not necessary to the essential and immediate wellbeing of the people as follows.

17. Abolish the Federal Reserve banking system and the Internal Revenue Service.

18. Abolish the Public School System and de-fund any College or University that uses federal funding.

19. Remove government involvement and regulations in any commercial operations such as corporations, utilities, banks or carriers.

19.1 Make it a crime for any corporation, organization, union, church, or other enterprise to submit, change or influence any legislation that would benefit them unfairly in the marketplace. i.e. It is a common practice for corporations to allow, foster or even create legislation that directly makes it difficult for the smaller companies to survive the new restrictive rules placed upon their industry, whereas the larger corporations have the resources to easily overcome the burdens that they have placed upon themselves.

These bills are usually touted, to the public, as a means to save the planet and rein in and control the very corporations that in fact receive the above mentioned benefits. Corporations have been using the Audubon society and other save the planet organizations for years to their benefit and they get all this benefit for free because the American people willingly hand the “Save the World Groups” millions of dollars every year thinking that they are making the world a better place.

20. Reinstate the gold standard.

21. Remove oppressive regulations governing commerce.

22. Review all government departments and the merit of their existence and abolish all that are not necessary to the immediate wellbeing of the people.

23. Only allow immigrants who embrace the American way of life, learn our language and swear complete allegiance to our flag.

24. Resolve ourselves to tending to our own affairs and refrain from military action except in the event that America is under attack.

25. Return to being an independent nation and develop our natural resources in order to stop our dependence on foreign nations that do not have our interests at heart.

26. Eliminate all present federal taxes and derive federal funding from a small portion of state imposed property taxes that is already in place saving the government the need to fund a burgeoning bureaucracy.

27. Dismantle the Federal Register. The Federal Register is probably one of the most insidious instruments ever used against the freedoms of the American people as it allows the government to enact rules simply by publishing them to the register without the knowledge of the people.

Abolish the SBA and most other federal agencies.

Abolish all departments that no longer have reasons to exist such as the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department. After all, all three of the controlled items listed in the departments name are legal substances.

Stop the war on drugs. The war on drugs is one of the most destructive actions that the US has ever taken on and the government needs to take a page from the book on prohibition of alcohol. The government will never win this war and the only reason that the government is still fighting it is because that there is so much money to be made by it.

Give retirement benefits to only those who have a perfect track record of supporting the constitution.

Enact term limits.

Make it a crime to submit any kind of legislation or other rule making process that would be contrary to the wishes of the people and or the constitution.

Automatically rescind any law, rule or regulation that is habitually disobeyed by a substantial portion of the population.

Make it illegal for any candidate to use false malicious misleading information to smear an opponent for his/her political gain. Using such tactics would automatically remove the candidate from the race and face prosecution.

Civil asset forfeiture corrupts our police and needs to be abolished.

Using any police force to fund any government department should be considered illegal as it encourages the governments to use excessive police actions against the people.

Using cameras to issue traffic citations should be abolished and using cameras in public is a direct conflict with our rights to privacy.

Add the list from Clint Didier’s list to this list such as.

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