The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seeds of doubt and charlatans

Seeds of doubt

While doing my stint in the service I was stationed with a fellow from Indiana who was as good at holding his own in any discussion as any one that I ever knew.

He was likable, funny at times and was always using the old saws like “The lord made little men and big men; Smith and Wesson made the equalizer”. He had the ability to look credible because he could always quote something that no one, in that crowd, could dispute.

Later as I was thinking about him it was apparent to me that his lightning quick responses were often facts that were generated instantly out of nothing but thin air and delivered with enough authority as to be perceived as plausible. After all if you have never heard of Dr. Knowseverything from the University of Instawisdomness, how would you know that what he could have never said could be true or not? And this is how some folks can plant the seeds of doubt in your mind, even when you knew that you were right, long enough to win an argument.

However time usually shows these charlatans for what they are but then again time is often against you when important decisions are to be made.

This fellow from Indiana stayed in Austin Texas after his Army stint and went to work for the fire department and I have often wondered if he retired as a fireman or did he put his special talents to work and aspire to a higher status in the local government.

Folks that know will be quick to agree that communication skills are important in getting ahead in life and this has been born out many times as I have noticed that often the best story tellers are the most successful in life. Communication skills are dear to those that need to sway folks into purchasing something and to those who need to get everyone on the same page with some endeavor.

Folks that use these skills to do honest and good work is a blessing but far too often folks use these skills to cheat, steal and enslave their fellow man. Most of us have more than enough street smarts to fall for the con on the street but then we often fail to see how the media and the politician uses the same cons. The question here is; are we that naïve, as a whole, or are we simply just too busy to worry about what we perceive as being something not within our immediate control.

If you fall for everything that the media or some politician will tell you, you are naïve. If you perceive what the media or some politician is telling you are bullshit, it probably is bullshit. Remember though that sometimes bullshit seems very plausible on the surface.

It is very easy to understand just why it is that most Americans believe that any thing that comes out of Congress is going to be bad and it always is.

So the really, and I mean really big question is; if we fully expect a candidate to lie about his campaign promises, and they do it with complete immunity, why on earth would we ever want to elect this man or woman to office? It just does not make any sense.

What does make sense, and this may be the only solution to regaining the freedom back in America, would be to refuse to vote for any candidates who will not agree to stand behind his/her own words and sign a contract to that effect. This contract would also include that if he/she should ever not abide by, uphold or protect the constitution of the United State of America that he or she would immediately resign from office or suffer severe penalties.

Our forefathers handed us our freedom, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. They also gave us the right to fire and or nullify government if it should ever get out of hand and become tyranny.

Demanding that our candidates sign this contract with America is probably the most expedient and quickest way for the people to regain control of our government and is certainly preferable to taking up the very arms that our forefathers sought for us to keep in case of tyranny.

However in case that they refuse to sign; keep your powder dry.

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