The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, September 4, 2010

October surprise?

Nothing Obama will do would be a surprise unless he actually did something that was good for the country, like resign.

Well we can expect one thing for sure from Obama, more campaigning, more lies and more BS. We can also expect to see the great one reading, with his chin held on high, from his indispensable and trustworthy teleprompter, his Heart Felt “Cold and Calculated” Bularky.

He will let us know that he is going to fund the SBA again but he won’t tell you that the SBA is a worthless organization designed to appease the populace and that it is used primarily to reward cronies who kick back some of the funds or otherwise give support. He will give us a small token tax break and throw more money away (read crony again) on some insane projects.

America did not elect a President, they elected a teleprompter that was expertly read by a black foreign born Marxist who has not a clue as to what America is all about nor does he care. Just how America managed to be duped so badly is incomprehensible and most unfortunate, however many folks are beginning to wake up from their stupor and I hope they will react in proper indigence and fly into action before it is too late..

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