The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Integrity is something that has been part of me all my life and a good share of the folks that I grew up around lived their life by it. I may have my weaknesses and failings but I like to think that I have the same good integrity that I was blessed to grow up with.

A lot of folks however, I think, are confused by what the word means and try to interchange the meaning with godliness or faith in their religion. Where is it written or chiseled into stone that you have to be religious in order to have integrity? Where is it written that those who attend church on a regular basis are more trustworthy than those that don’t?

Yes I have known men and women that were religious and whose word was something that you could count on or put in the bank. To me these folks do indeed walk tall and I easily can put up with the fact that they believe in and have great faith in something that I can not blindly accept.

On the other hand, I have seen many so called god fearing people that I would not trust for an instant and if fact when someone greats me with the “I’m a Christian” thing, I cringe, check the security of my wallet and then quickly extract myself from his or her company.

This nation is covered by churches from sea to sea, in every town and nearly on every block. Millions of folks go to services regularly and many donate up to 10 percent of their income to the church.

Then why is it that, except for maybe one or two folks, that our congressmen have become completely void of any shame, or acknowledgement, of the terrible things that they do to the citizen and the USA in their nefarious quest for greed.

Is it only the fear of the law that keeps us from degenerating into a pack of ravenous wolves and from devouring each other?

Are most folks who run for congress completely devoid of integrity in the first place and only attend church for self serving appearances?

If so then it seems as though we are doomed because congress seems to be exempt from any prosecutorial proceedings and make up the self benefiting laws as they go along.

However there might be one way that we could get back on course again and it would involve the legal system that would be difficult for congress to thwart. It would take some doing and would by necessity involve the people at large to facilitate and/or support.

The plan is simple; ask all candidates who are running for office to sign a binding contract with America that would remove them from office immediately should they ever stray from their sworn duties to uphold and protect the constitution or should they ever be discovered to be steeling from the people.

We do have such a plan in operation thanks to the efforts of Tim Cox of

Please join us for all of our sakes and save America.

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