The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 3, 2010

Government regulation on our food supplies, Food for thought.

There must be an instance where the government regulations on food have actually saved someone from eating bad food, although I can’t think of one just off hand. I can however cite many instances where the government’s involvement on our food source has had severe adverse effects on our diets.

It has not escaped my observation that as usual the corporations take the brunt of the fall, and for good reasons, for outbreaks of bacterial food poisoning or some chemical intrusion of the food we eat. What is never publicized however is that in spite of the thousands upon thousands of rules and regulations that government has imposed on the food industry, it is the government that is a willing partner in crime with the corporations that create the atmosphere that this can happen.

I can remember back when the large meat packing firms convinced congress to enact laws that was instrumental in putting the Ma And Pa grocery stores, that cut their own meat and ground their own hamburger, out of business.

The great claim was that government could not control the thousands of nationwide stores who processed meat and therefore the public was in great danger of E coli or some other food born illnesses. The other claim was that government however could control the larger companies with far less government agents and the public would remain safe from such maladies.

The truth of the matter is, the small butcher shops will only work on small amounts of meat at a time and if they did receive tainted meat or did something to taint the meat, it would be sold only locally and to a very small amount of the public.

On the other hand, the large corporations, under the watchful eye of the government, will grind tons of meat, with many carcasses mixed together, at a time and when contamination does occur it often effects entire batches of meat and more often than not, will ship tons of contaminated hamburger to all points of the country and effect a large portion of the population.

Probably the worst part of government involvement with corporations is the fact that most of the food items that we now eat are not real food anymore; they are often “food like products”.

The relationships of corporations and government go way back, are very involved and mostly not in the best interest of the public. For one instance is the embargo on cane sugar that was passed to protect the sugar prices for one or more US sugar companies. The result of this higher cost of sugar, and this is the primary reason that the bottling corporations find it more profitable to use corn syrup to flavor their bottled beverages, have been found to make the end users obese.

In fact if you pick up one of your favorite food items in the grocery store and try to read the label it can become difficult to identify the actual food in the box, not to mention that most of us do not recognize many of the listed ingredients as food and probably would rather not ingest them if we knew what they were. We no longer eat food; instead we eat food like products everyday.

It is true that some of these added, non food, ingredients will help to preserve the food but many others are more like food replacements that we are now becoming to learn as not beneficial to health. Couple this with misinformation about some of our favorite foods, in order to scare us into buying food like products, that are not as nutritious as the real item, and you have fraud at its very worst. Just to give you one example, some folks, who are trying desperately to shed some pounds, will shy away from eating anything that has a trace of fat in it and instead consume products with corn syrup. The end result is that they continue to gain weight.

These scenarios could not exist without the reprehensible associations of the corporate world and the government.

So the question, you would think, should be, is government actually protecting us from bad food and those ungovernable Ma and Pa businesses that are out to profit from unsuspecting shoppers or is it that government in its shear enormity, that could not even begin to run a cool aid stand and make a profit, is to blame along with their corporate cohorts?

If you take a micro second, or even a month, to think about it, you will have to come to the conclusion that it all boils down to how Congress works. Congress it seems has only one objective, that is for congressmen to make as much money for themselves as they can get away with before their constituents catch on and vote their asses out of office.

Until the time that we can hold our leaders accountable for their nefarious actions, we will go on losing our freedoms, paying higher and higher taxes, losing our properties, eating foods of less nutrient qualities, coughing up more money for necessities and becoming the serfs and slaves of the state.

Most of the laws passed by congress should be considered as criminal acts and most of the lawmakers who voted for these criminal acts should be regarded as criminals and enemies of the state and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

How can a nation hope to have law abiding citizens when in fact the leaders and government servants who are either elected, appointed or hired have no regard for the laws of the land and in fact use the legal system to further their own gains?

How can a nation hope to have law abiding citizens when in fact there are so many thousands of unconstitutional laws as to pose a formidable gauntlet for all of the citizens in every aspect of their lives?

Many folks, way too many, blame the corporations for all of their woes and look to the government to solve their daily problems and provide for their protection and wants and needs. This is pure folly and should we ever be able to take control of government again and set things straight, the government would once again have the position to enforce the laws on all corporations, government heads as well as the citizen equally.

If this should ever come to be, government would have a far different role and would allow, or rather insist, that the corporations compete on merit rather than use the system nefariously to crush opposition and perpetuate fraud on the consumers.

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