The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting America Back On Track.

Or rather; how do we rebuild a once great nation out of the rubble and ruins that congress has created?

Some will argue that America was never a perfect union of free men because our beginnings still had slavery in the South. That our forefathers were nothing more than renegade misfits who kept mistresses and evaded paying taxes to the king and that we allowed corporations to seize control of government, etc and on and on.

Truth is; we did have the greatest and most free nation that was ever established on Earth and we still can, providing we take quick and serious steps to recapture our freedom and rid ourselves of all unconstitutional law and all other laws passed with intension to benefit special interests.

Truth is; we need to stop thinking in the same way that we have allowed ourselves to descend into in the past 40 years and that has become; which is the lesser evil of the two? We need to start thinking more like our forefathers did, get some backbone and come to the realization that if we don’t take bold steps now and fight for what we once had until we restore our nation back to its original but better condition, we will forever become the downtrodden, pathetic wretches and a third world blight.

Truth is; free, hardworking people who were left alone to overcome fear and hardship made this country great and prosperous, not government.

Yes it is true that some folks do not have the ability to fend for themselves and some would probably starve without help. This is the realm of the church and private charitable organizations to lend their hand, not government. People are charitable and generous and tend to help in ways that government agencies cannot comprehend. Government agencies do not help the needy; they create the needy to help themselves. Once an agency is created it has to grow and it consumes greater and greater amounts of cash and creates greater and greater numbers of victims who can no longer survive without their daily doses of government heroine.

Truth is; Americans are beginning to catch on to what is going on and the awakening, angry masses are swelling ranks, although somewhat splintered into nearly ineffectual groups. These grass root groups appear to be forming on many different topics or agendas and when they coalesce into a unified group, there will be hell to pay in Washington.

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