The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, February 1, 2010

ISF, A brand new cluster Fxxk

To our illustrious but naive leaders;

After more than a week of trying to arrange another shipment of a product, That I have spent much time and money promoting, from an overseas company, we have terminated the original carrier and hope to find a more savvy orientated shipping company. It seems that this major carrier (DHL) is having some trouble in dealing with the shiny new ISF rules that are in place and importing goods has turned into a full blown cluster fxxx. Are you aware of how detrimental this can be to a small business?

I’ve been told that this new law was passed without the public’s awareness in order to protect us from some Taliban trying to import firearms into America. How ironic that this new law would seek to curb importation of an item that is found in abundance in that country.

What I’m really concerned with today however is the problems that I’m having with importing a product from overseas because some lame brained idiot passed another stupid law with the excuse of protecting me from a terrorist. I’m sick of dealing with bureaucrats and all of the idiotic rules and regulations that they can foster.

It is no wonder that most Americans dread the outcome every time that Congress goes into session. We Americans are losing our freedoms at breakneck speed because our representatives in congress either do not care about the outcome of their actions, because they are looking out for their own interests, or are so out of touch with reality in the real world that they are clueless as to how their actions affect their constituents.

You should be, if you are not already aware that most Americans do not want any part of government run health care or government run anything for that matter nor do they want to be robbed by the government to pay billions of dollars in cash to those that would benefit by the so called cap and trade scam. Stop the nonsense.

Just who in the world are you folks in congress trying to help anyway? The Taliban has already won much of the war on freedom because it is the American people who are being punished by all your knee jerk reactions. I can hear Osama chuckling from here.

Please start using more discretion with your legislation powers in the future. You’re killing us.


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