The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nullification holds real promise or change that we can all believe in.

I can not quite figure out why Sara Phalin would support a candidate that does not support the constitution although he does claim to be a renegade and would liken himself to be shown in the same glow as the tea party folks. Sorry John, but any one who advocates gun control and would place any limits on our freedom of speech is not a tea party member or a friend of America.

I have defended Phalin in the past because I liked her gutsy upfront character and the fact that she could demonstrate her ability to hold her own and win against the oil cartels. I liked her because she comes off like a real self reliant type of hardy stock that would fight hard to keep her freedoms to pack a gun, say her piece or pray to what ever religion that she chose.

I liked Phalin because she could relate with the common man of America and she was one of us who worked hard and used what ever it took to earn a living. Yes she was one of us and she was also a self reliant proud Alaskan. I liked her because I was raised to be a proud self reliant Montanan and I tend to like others who are the same. I don’t much like folks who think that I or someone else owes them a living and wants the government to provide for them by taking from me and others in order to do it.

I watched Glen Beck interview Sara one evening and at the end of the interview, I seen the cloud of doubt come over Glen after he asked Phalin if she thought that she was ready to be president.

I can see why Glen might feel this way, because it does not add up to a good tally. Given what we think that we know about Phalin, it seems very strange that she does not promote the folks that would insist on any candidate’s full support of the constitution. Nor does she support the audit the Fed rally cry or Tim Cox’s replace the whole damn house movement. No it seems like Sara has chosen a path more centered and the one thing that bothers me greatly is her clinging to the coat tails of the GOP.

The most frightening thing about all this is the fact that Phalin wants to become head of the tea party movement and still remain a member of the GOP.

Three very disturbing thoughts come to mind about this scenario;

One she is being duped by the GOP and once she should secure the presidency, she will be owned by those very same folks that the tea party movement is trying to rid themselves of.

Two she is being duped by the GOP and during her run for the presidency, she will be thrown under the bus by design and we will have a second term of Obama.

And third she has been bought by the GOP and will fall into lock step to the same tune of the progressive movement albeit to a more sedate pace than the present administration

The Republicans have demonstrated to us, very well and many times over, that they are not to be rusted any more than the Democrats, and we know their agenda well, and that they will show us a deceptive facet of being conservative all the while they are doing just the contrary to their promises as usual. The Republicans have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of doubt, that no one in government is immune to corruption.

If all goes well, we will toss out a great many of the incumbent and corrupt congressmen and we will celebrate in the streets afterward, but it will be all for naught if we do not immediately proceed to nullify all unconstitutionally made laws over the past couple of centuries. And I would even venture to guess that it would be far much easier to start all over again rather than to try and sort out the swill from the not quite so swill.

Nullification holds real promise or change that we can all believe in.

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