The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it over now?

These days if you mention to someone that we really need to find a way to keep or regain our freedom and to rid ourselves of the vermin that have established themselves in the white house and congress not to mention all 50 states, you will get the reply, it is to late, we have already lost our freedom.

I personally find this attitude not only disgusting but very saddening. I find it sad for all of the children that may never know freedom because we were and still are too busy with other affairs to bother ourselves. I find it appalling for a once proud nation of proud people who have sent so many off to war, first to fight for our freedoms and later to fight for some political gain or corporate profit. I find it disgusting that anyone would knowingly raise a child and knowing that he or she will be enslaved by the very same hypocritical nation that proclaims democracy and freedom to the world.

I say to these people who have resigned themselves to whatever fate that may befall them, “why not just get it over with now and move to Kenya or maybe just jump off the nearest building”, wouldn’t that be better than to remain in a country that will set you to chains?

I don’t understand it, how can a nation once filled with brave men who would never have stood still for even a second for any of the shenanigans going on now in our capitals, go along so meekly and willingly to their demise and certain slavery?

I ask these questions and yet I know the answer in part at least, because I have watched this process for many years and have tried for as many years to warn people about what I referred to as the vanishing American.

I have watched the press, our public schools, universities and our entertainment media all play the role of indoctrinator and I will have to admit that they have succeeded beyond any degree of measure. They have succeeded in turning the young against the old, blacks against the whites, Democrats against Republicans, one religion against another and on and on. Divide and conquer has been their second, only to indoctrination, greatest strategy.

Worst of all, they have changed our history to reflect our forefathers as the root of all of their problems. They have succeeded in convincing our young that you have to have big government with big handouts in order to survive and to succeed in life. Perhaps our lifestyles have contributed to that as well and because it is becoming exceedingly more difficult to be self sufficient these days.

It is so ironic, that we have heard so many times that history always repeats itself and sure enough it has, yet no one will admit that our government has accomplished exactly the same thing that Hitler done only a few generations ago by using the very same principles and techniques. I ask you; just how smart does that make us?

I refuse to buy into the, it’s too late to do anything now, crap. Imagine George Washington overhearing one of the generals saying that or one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence voicing such an opinion. Come on, it’s time to cowboy up and decide whether or not you are willing to become a slave or to fight to regain your freedom once again. After all, is slavery worth living? Perhaps our new leaders will be a more gentle kind of dictator and give us a more gentle kind of slavery.

The job at hand is a simple but very hard one to do. Yes we can do it, but you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that failure will lead to the same dismal result as doing nothing at all. We have to forget and get over the notion that a vote for anything else but one of the same old parties is a vote wasted. We will have to be convinced that a vote for anyone in any of the existing parties is indeed a wasted vote and has been so for some time.

Yes the established and corrupt members of congress have stacked the deck against anyone not a member of one of these two established parties, yet we can overcome this rigged deck of cards if we decide that we will have to educate enough voters to what the score is and just how important the stakes are and then act upon it with vigor and perseverance, until the job is done. Failure to do this within the next couple of elections will most certainly doom this once great nation because very soon our election process will become nothing more than a show put on by a dictator.

I urge everyone to at least get involved enough so at least become educated and to know what it is that is gong on now. I further urge everyone to vote for someone who actually has your interest at heart because he has the same concerns as you do. I urge everyone to check out the various tea parties and especially to check out and to vote for the candidates chosen by this non partisan group of concerned citizens.

We have run out of time, you no longer have the luxury of indecision or procrastination and if you are the type that chooses to ignore politics entirely, you will not have stuck with me to this point anyway.

Welcome aboard.

One very pissed off citizen wanting his country back.

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