The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, February 19, 2010

Joseph Stack's manifesto

It's not that I condone or support this type of behavior any time that the government deals with us in some typical and equally frustrating manner, in fact I don't, however I'm quite sure that many Americans have fantasized about performing a similar action, themselves, when they have been wronged by some tyrannical government agency. Most of us, however, learn to get over it and go on with life and suppress our pent up anger.

One thing is certain however, Stack is spot on when he said that it would take this kind of violent action before anyone in government, or or in the civilian sector for that matter, to take notice that someone might have a beef that should be taken seriously. And this is the saddest yet very important point, no one in government, elected or otherwise, ever takes notice of an atrocity perpetrated on any one citizen or on citizens in general by the government. On the contrary, they all work very hard to either suppress or minimize all complaints and if that fails, even place the victim in jail.

Further, both the government and the media will work hand in hand in order to show us just how unstable and crazy Stack was so that government can go about their business as usual and continue to perpetrate their fraudulent and tyrannical justice on the American people.

It is indeed sad that it takes action of this magnitude to even get any small notice and attention of such horrific deeds, let alone receive any form of justice.

For Joseph Stack's manifesto check out the following link.

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