The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, February 27, 2010

America in trouble.

America in trouble.

Today America is at a crisis that our past and present administrations have perpetrated on us and the world shaking unthinkable moment of America losing its freedom draws very near. It is an abomination that our freedoms may actually be swiftly taken away by a few corrupt rascals who can not even get their own Democratic party stuffed Congress to get on board with their treasonous plan. I guess that maybe we should not complain too much however, because we’ve all seen it coming, didn’t we, for some time now and no one really stood up to stop it.

I guess that I’m one of those who are mostly to blame for this mess because I have seen it coming for quite some time and yes I have raised my voice to cry out this message many times over the years but I did nothing that would actually stop it.

I once wrote when I was much younger, “It was not the stroke of a pen that set man free, it was the strike of flint on frizzen, the smell of acrid smoke and the battle fields soaked with the blood of brave men fighting for their freedom that set man free.”

Yes, it is good to speak out with concern and to voice your anger over unrighteous deeds, but sometimes your words fall on deaf and uncaring ears or to folks that do not want to be bothered with such things and would rather remain naïve. I mean after all, thinking about such things can make your head hurt or give you heart burn or make you sad or worried or something else awful. Hey, lets tune in to the game, see there is nothing bad going on.

So the question ultimately becomes, when do we stop trying to reason with unreasonable men, voicing our concerns to deaf ears, arguing with naive idiots or waiting for our elected to do the job that they were elected to do, like protecting our constitution instead of destroying it. Yes indeed, when do we instead take certain and corrective action?

Our lawmakers have sent our manufacturing base overseas.

Our lawmakers have made it impossible for small business to compete with foreign markets and manufacturers.

Our lawmakers have turned our schools into zombie yards where hindering the gifted is preferable to educating those with learning disabilities and the priority of the day is the indoctrination of and the preparation of our young for tomorrow’s new socialistic order.

Our lawmakers have grown our government to astronomical, freedom robbing proportions that the overtaxed citizen can no longer support.

Our lawmakers have not only allowed the government to become corrupt but have actually contributed to it with unconstitutional legislation.

Our lawmakers have enacted laws that have brought us to the brink of a police state.

Our lawmakers have built for themselves a comfy bed of roses and given themselves special retirement and medical benefits that only royalty of the past have enjoyed and have failed to look out for the very folks that they are supposed to represent, the voting public.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who have the best interests of America and the American people in mind.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who are not funded and therefore not indebted to any political party or any corporation or any other special interest group.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who are not seeking to be professional politicians, but who are willing to perform their civic duty of protecting our constitution and serve a one term office.

It is time to replace the status quo “Lawmakers” with American men and women who know that Americans are smart enough to take care of themselves and can and will rebuild the greatest nation on earth if left alone, without government interference, to do the work necessary to get the job done.

After many years of shouting into the wind, It gave me a rekindled spirit to see the many, albeit splintered, tea party movements across the land and the result that it has had on some folks in office, even though so far arrogantly ignored by the “congressional rascals” and their “chief in white house rascal”. However the most promising movement that I have seen so far is the GOOOH.COM non partisan effort that could have a real significant impact on returning government to the people. This is the group to watch or better yet join and contribute to.

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