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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why the American system of selecting a presidential candidate is useless

Why the American system of selecting a presidential candidate is useless

Given the fact that both parties, “camps” if you will, are more attuned to big business and big banks than they are to the American people that they supposedly support, it is no surprise that we have strayed so far from the American dream.

If you support the idea that there is a problem and therefore a probable cause and you approach it with the same keen mathematical solving attitude as used in geometry, you come to the realization that there is more than sufficient evidence of what and who the culprits are.

As in geometry, you need a base to work from and those are the indisputable facts that can be verified, at least up to now, as the recorded history still stands.

Fact; The International Bankers Morgan, Chase and Rockefeller created the FED with the help of some Congress members in 1913 and Congress created the IRS the same year.

Fact; the very same bankers bought the entire controlling interests of what is now the “Main Stream Media” in 1917 and is still in control of it.

Fact; the same bunch of rascals along with other international bankers and corporations have found ways to fund election campaigns with vast sums of money and have infiltrated Congress and other government organizations.

Fact, Hollywood and other entertainment industries are now awash with folks that dance to the pied piper and have been for some time.

Fact; Ever since the Government created the department of education our education has eroded to the point of despair and complete wonderment and in fact our children are no longer being educated but are if fact being indoctrinated and have been for some time.

I claim the above as facts for reasons that they can be researched and/or they are glaringly obvious to all except those that condone it and as long as the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I will continue to believe they are what they are.

I could write volumes of things that are obvious and wrong and from the present president back to the beginning of our country, but what is most striking is the ever growing and long list of atrocities that the present president has done since in office and to what other factions of powerful men are doing at the present, both foreign and domestic.

The main thing to consider is the influence that the bankers and corporations, both foreign and domestic, can have on Congress and the various departments of government as well as the 50 states.

So what is really going on is the most expensive production of smoke and mirrors that the world has ever seen and most of the players are indebted or outright owned by the production company including the majority of both parties. Some of the players have been relegated to the roles of “extras” and the chosen actors given stardom roles.

So it is easy to see that if you accept the obvious, and please check it out if you will, it is easy to add up and discover just exactly what is going on and why.

The bank of England never liked our gold standard any better than they liked our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution as it imposed great difficulties in controlling our wealth.

Over time the foreign banks and other moneyed concerns slowly infiltrated our system and penetrated both parties to incrementally and insidiously seed our government officials with notions that have at last crippled our economy and our freedoms.

They now own the banks, the media, our entertainment industries, the printing companies that fill our schools with tripe and most of our elected officials.

As you can see, it makes little difference to these shysters whether or not a republican or a democrat sits in office as long as the elected candidate is a member of their club.

So on goes the show; it is filled with wonderful entertainment as Newt and Mitt slug it out for the position to run against Barrack and we can place our bets as the repubs duke it our with the dems and sling mud from hell to breakfast and back again.

The main thing is that the obedient media works hard to keep your eye on the balls that they want you to watch and it is their duty to make sure that you see very little of what is reality or who may have the real answer to our woes.

As you may have surmised by now; if the international bankers and corporations have that much control over the media, Hollywood, the public schools, Congress and most departments of government, how could we possibly know what is going on and how can we overcome it? The American system of choosing a leader has been rendered useless and America is no longer a nation of free men unless Americans wake up and very soon.

Our last bloodless bid for retaining our freedom is about to vanish, with this election, and we are still watching “Dancing with the Stars” staring Mitt and Newt, or is that Mutt and Jeff.

Over the past 70 or so years they have carefully laid the seine nets and they are now drawing the pursing strings closed. Are we fast enough to escape the net?

Ron Paul is possibly the only candidate that has not been corrupted by the afore mentioned rascals better known as the “Washington Mafia”.

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