The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's our Freedom Stupid

The New Year will bring some surprises, hopefully we will see more good ones than bad ones, but be prepared for the worst and pray and work for the best.

At this time it is difficult to tell if we will wind up with the same freedom hating Muslim in the White House, a Rino that will do the biding of the same puppet as the Muslim in chief or if we will actually get a real Constitutionally oriented and sane president who will at least try to stop our march into the abyss.

The very best that we could hope for would be a stalemate if Obama should somehow steal his way back into the White House for a second term. However expect him to increase the use of his executive privileges to overcome or bypass Congress whenever he can.

This country has already gone well past the point of no return thanks to Congress and its passing of Obama care unless it is repealed and fast before it becomes active.

But that in itself is not nearly enough, we also need to also repeal a host of other insane laws that are equally as bad such as the so called "Patriot Act" along with a myriad of other freedom robbing laws passed in the name of protecting us from a phantom evil.

And we mostly also need a new and constitutionally driven president to start the reversal of socialism and to repeal the many rules, regulations and laws that are killing our economy.

There is only one thing that will regain our economic status and that is the very same thing that gave us that status in the first place, freedom.

Bring back our freedom and the economy will come roaring back to life again.

Yes it is as simple as that.

Let the new buzz words be "It's our Freedom Stupid".

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