The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another step towards accepting a dictatorship.

Another step towards accepting a dictatorship.

If Obama succeeds in talking Congress into giving him the power to change, downsize, increase, streamline or any other action of government without our or Congress’s approval, we will have taken a giant step towards accepting Obama as the supreme ruler and dictator of the United States of America.

Pundits are already saying that this was a good move on the presidents part because it shows that he is ready to get things done where as Congress is hopelessly deadlocked.

Yes it is was a good plan on the president’s part and it shows that this president is no fool and knows exactly what he is doing. Governor Christie has stated that Obama is as good a politician as they come and that we should not underestimate him.

I am afraid that America has already underestimated Obama and that America was dozing off when Obama told us exactly what his plans were.

Obama is touted as an inept idiot that is way over his head and as someone that has failed to keep his campaign promises. The reality of it is, Obama has kept his promises and has been extremely successful in his endeavors. The problem is that most Americans heard what they wanted to hear and failed to heed his many promises to change America as we know it, and he has but unfortunately to our mortification.

America needs to go back and listen again to all of what he has said that he plans to do and take him seriously and then take a look at what he has done already and to what he is still planning to do.

Should anyone manage to remember all of his promises and check to see how many he has succeeded at, analyze what they really are or were intended for, take a good look at what he is trying to do at the present and what he has promised to do in the future, you would have to come to only one conclusion and that is Obama is very good at what he does and what he is doing is curtains for the USA, freedom and our way of life.

Don’t be fooled at the titles of the bills that he has rammed through Congress or the titles of the many “Executive Orders” that he has feloniously signed into law as all laws, no matter how insidious or self serving they may be, are painted with false colors and touted as necessary for the well being of the people.

Obama has been very busy and has a lot of help and it is virtually impossible to even try and list all of the horrendous atrocities that he has imposed so far. I have seen a partial list that was simply strung together with only comas separating them and it still took a full sheet of paper to list.

It sums up only one way, Obama is in the very middle of pulling off the impossible, an American coup. When I can find time, I will try to highlight Obama’s obvious steps.

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