The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama has just broken the law again

Obama has just broken the law again in his long stream of thumbing his nose at American law and at Americans in general.

By appointing more members without Congressional approval, he has blatantly informed all Americans that he has declared himself as supreme ruler of the land and that the Constitution and Congress are of no significant matter to him or his newly seized dictatorship policies.

Any and all members of Congress that are not actively seeking the impeachment and resignations of Barrack Obama and Erick Holder should be placed on notice.

First everyone that is not actively seeking to remove these two frauds should be voted out of office and second each and everyone of these office holders should be indicted and tried for misrepresenting the nation and its people whether they are voted out of office or not. Treason is not to be taken lightly.

It is time that the nation’s laws are followed by those in power and time to quickly administer stern punishment to those that ignore it or blatantly flaunt it.

Obama is becoming more and more embolden by the day and yet Congress ignores his transgressions as if nothing has happened.

Now that Obama has forced his new domestic anti terrorist program on us, he probably feels a bit more comfortable that the populace will not be able to swarm the White House and kick his butt back to Africa because he now has the military to protect him.

The longer that the public allows these atrocities to go on, the harder it will be to stop it and regain our country back from the hands of those set on destroying America and the principles that it stands for.

I am encouraged however by the fact that Americans are buying guns and ammunition at an unusually high rate this past few years that Obama has been office.

We can also hope that our military leaders are not inclined to support such a dictatorship and will refuse to turn arms upon the very citizens that it is set up to protect, once the citizens determine that taking up arms is the last resort. And let us also hope that taking up arms is not the last resort.

So get out there and vote for your freedom this time, not some damn Rino that tells you he has the best answer to create jobs, it will be your very last time to try and save your freedom. Don’t blow it.

Keep your powder dry, you very well may need it.

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