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Monday, January 2, 2012

Truth in Politics or Not

Truth in Politics or Not

It is ironic that most Americans will sit and listen to the rhetoric of the candidates and follow along with the discourse of the arguments as if they were real, factual and true.

It is even more ironic and extremely unsettling and sad that when a candidate comes along and tries to offer to pony up the facts, the reality and the truth, folks will instantly recoil as if they were burnt by a hot stove, accuse the candidate of being nuts and change the channel or their location so as not to have to hear any more of it. This reminds me a great deal of Pavlov’s conditioning but actually it is a bit more sophisticated than that.

Over the years we have become so conditioned to listening to misleading rhetoric and outright lies from our candidates and leaders that we actually process the tripe as being the reality even though we know that it is common knowledge that candidates for office are expected to lie and are even forgiven for breaking their sworn campaign promises. Again it is the conditioning.

Even Hollywood is infected with the virus along with our public school systems and has been infiltrated with programming with the intension of deceiving us into thinking that our capitalistic and free society is the root of the very problems that are actually created by the very same folks that are trying to deceive us. Being naïve is not so bliss.

What is probably the saddest and strangest part is the fact that we all should know better because what is happening at this very moment is right out of a pages of history and we are mostly too ignorant or preoccupied to see or acknowledge it as it happens. Heil Hitler.

What far too many folks do not realize is the fact that the media is owned, totally, lock, stock and barrel by the same diabolical scoundrels that own the same FED that has taken us to the cleaners over the years ever since we allowed them to take charge of our money.

Many Americans now are aware that our country is badly broken and things are not going well, but many of these folks are still tuned into the “MSMedia” and are not seeing the true side of reality and therefore are blaming the wrong people and circumstances for the demise of both our freedoms and our economy.

Our freedom and our economy was purposefully eroded over a period of time by the same nefarious scoundrels that own our media and now control by means of infiltration both our schools systems and Hollywood.

It may have taken a period of time for us to get to this sad state of affairs but we do not have the same luxury of time to avoid the complete demise of our freedoms, what damn little that there is left.

There may be a saving grace or silver lining and perhaps the solution is simpler than one would think and would only require that good folks take up the effort and fight to educate those that are lost in the propaganda and rhetoric of the establishment and support the very few office holders with integrity out of the many corrupt members of Congress.

The MSMedia has made good and sure over the years that folks like Ron Paul would only get coverage if they could show it in a bad light and that he would not get coverage of any of his many attempts to curtail the size of government, out of control spending and the steady demise of our freedoms. His words have been criminally twisted at every turn.

Perhaps when we finally understand that the allure of money is more intoxicating than the glory of doing what is right and that we need to change how Congress works and remove lobbyists and the greed for money, we can get back to sanity.

It can be very difficult to understand why the richest people on earth would go to such great lengths to gain full control over a nation’s monetary system, purchase the controlling interest of the main stream media, install their own managing editors, get control of the majority of the members of Congress and then set about and manipulate the financial demise of the very same system that they own and control.

Perhaps the answer is more breath taking than fiction and intrinsically demonic. The poor are still poor and the middle class are disappearing and that makes you wonder where all of the wealth has gone. Even when the dollar has run its course and has the same non value as the African Zimbabwe's counterpart, the “bansters” will have converted their American dollars into something a lot more stable like gold or Swiss franks.

Another good lesson to ponder is how George Soros made his last killing a billion English pounds when he broke the bank of England and how he is positioning himself in America. Will he do it again, perhaps this time he will make a trillion bucks for his efforts?

Perhaps what we should all be asking ourselves is how did we go from a patriotic nation of self sufficient hardy people whose battle cry was “Give me liberty or give me death” to a nation of whiney government dependent people whose cry is “Gimie, gimie, gimie, please tax the rich and give it to me”?

Never have the words “The truth will set you free” been more appropriate than it would be now.

It is beyond me that folks are still tuning in to the evening news and not setting fires to the so called new agencies around the country.

It is completely beyond me that folks are not angry and rioting in the streets and demanding the heads of public office holders and the resignations of public employees.

Perhaps someday the people will gain their senses and the truth shall shine through all of the smoke and media mirrors and the people will again appreciate freedom. Let us hope that it is not too late.

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