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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Worse than our worst fears

Worse than our worst fears

Many of us have had conversations about how devious different government departments have become and yet some we deem as appropriate for the tasks involved such as underworld dealings of cloak and dagger work to keep America safe from the bad guys.

Today however it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out the bad guys from the good guys and our worst fears are starting to be proven out with the “Gun Runner” scandal that we now have generally accepted as an attempt, by certain political factions, to paint gun sales to the general public, as a danger and risk to our nation’s welfare.

With the investigation underway by Congressman Issa and other Congressmen other significant and nefarious improprieties have surfaced involving money laundering and arms and drugs sales by department members under the guise of protecting the citizens.

I can see why the government heads would think that we would simply believe that this is all on the up and up because of all of the spy novels and action movies depicting the heroes dealing with sleazy characters, but it is beginning to look much more like simply a good cover to do political mischief and line the pockets of the well connected than it is to protect us poor citizens from the world of criminals.

Any one trying to keep up with today’s politics and/or current events are well aware that the world is changing fast and not for the better, not by a long shot. The current Obama administration is clueless, inept and oblivious to its surroundings, or it is the worst orchestrated and sinister nightmare that this country has ever experienced. In either case, it needs to be dealt with swiftly and with grave concern.

Every day brings more bad news that certain factions of government/politicians are deviously working away to force new freedom robbing sinister rules, regulation or laws upon the citizens that will curtail a myriad of things such as gun ownership, curtailing job creation, curtailing our ability to grow our own food or to store any provisions for emergency preparations and on and on. The list is seemingly endless and unbelievable.

As we observe these atrocities on a daily basis, these same sinister forces are also at work stacking the deck in order to make sure that business goes on in Washington as usual and these sinister usurpers are using every rotten trick in the book and more. From Acorn and other criminal factions perpetrating voter fraud, to the “Bankster” owned media telling the voters who to vote for in the primaries in order to ensure that it will make little or no difference in who might win the election. Gangsters or “Banksters” don’t go away easy.

Our nation is perilously close to collapsing and our freedoms that we all take for granted are nearly gone and if we don’t act both fast and fearlessly, we will be too late and we will all become nothing more than slaves. However that is least of our worries because the usurpers will have to deal with all of the nations perceived militants or those that would have liked to retain their freedom. Hello FEMA?

I don’t know if there is a direct correlation between the International Bankers (Banksters) and the White House, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they have massive control over politicians including the White House. Whether or not Obama is a part of the club that I refer to as the “Washington Mafia” or simply a pawn makes for little difference, the net result will be the same if we don’t stop him and his agenda.

But simply stopping Obama is not going to change things or save our country from the looming nefarious and certain demise unless we are smart enough to refrain from electing yet another pilfering faction that will continue the nation’s deadly spiral into the ground.

Most of us know that in order to stop our nation’s destruction, we need to clean house and rid ourselves of the criminals who have taken over our political offices. We need to elect some very brave and decent folks with integrity and honor that will stay the course until our nation is once again running within the Constitution as planned from the beginning by our well educated and esteemed forefathers.

Time is of the essence and the primaries are upon us and if we, as a nation, choose to confront this assault on our liberty and our sovereignty in a peaceful manner, we will have to find a way to stop the “Bankster Media” from deluding our voters and start giving the right people the chance to run for office.

It is sad that the general public still knows very little about folks like Ron Paul, Michele Backmann and other possibly worthy candidates but have been systematically beaten over the head with the ranting of the politico Rinos that the Washington Mafia has offered up for us to choose from.

It is also sad that the real issues of the day are not out in the public’s spotlight for everyone to see and instead we are deluged daily by issues that are of little insignificance in comparison to the dark and sinister matters at work chipping away at our nation’s structure and freedoms.

There is really only one man (serious candidate) thus far that is brave enough to skirt or hint at these issues and yet he knows well enough that to publicly speak about the real dark and sinister issues would be political suicide as the media would ridicule him out of the race. It is also noteworthy to mention that he is the one and only candidate that consistently supports and works within the confines of the Constitution.

If the media were to ever do its job (not likely at all), Ron Paul would be the nations top runner for the presidential election with so much support that Obama would run and hide in the hills.

The “Washington Mafia” and the “Bankster Media” have worked diligently and tirelessly to paint Ron Paul as some kind of banner waving nut who would build a fence and retreat from the world and let the world build bombs to throw at us and it has worked to sadly a great extent but we need to see past this propaganda and start seeing the sinister reality of the dire situation that we are in. It is going to take a real patriot to save our bacon, not some slick Rino with a glib tongue.

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