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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Energy Insanity

The Energy Insanity

The insanity of government doesn’t stop just at how we are blowing the way we treat the energy crisis of America, however energy is at the root of most of government’s stupidity and corruption.

On one hand it would seem that big government is pitted against the behemoth oil companies and the news is rife with how big oil versus environmentalists and how big oil is killing the planet. We also got a distorted view of how Obama stopped deep water drilling yet we are still being told that the world is running out of oil.

The reality of it all is far different than what the media portrays. The world is actually awash in oil and more is being discovered with regularity as newer technology progresses.

North Dakota and Montana is becoming the next boom and Canada is trying to get a pipeline to Texas where the refineries are anxiously waiting for more crude to turn into gasoline and diesel. Yet the media remains dutifully mute.

America is also host to many decades or maybe millenniums worth of natural gas waiting to be developed into fuel for trucks and to run badly needed generation plants. No media.

All of this energy sitting there while we pay high prices at the pump for fuel and our economy is tanking. Yet the oil companies are netting billions of tax free dollars in increased revenue while the public is paying higher taxes to float even more exploration for the oil companies. Do the refineries really pay $100.00 a barrel for crude when it is so abundantly available?

One thing is for sure, our government might have their clutches on every aspect of the people lives now with the ever growing tech/privacy invasion and the insane amount of laws, rules and regulations, but they do not have any control over the big oil corporations or any other corporations for that matter including the “banksters”. In deed it is just the reverse, the corporations have pretty much written all of the laws and are pretty much in charge of everything in America, including the government, big as it is.

Obama would have us believe that he is all for going green in order to save us from the carbon caused, climate warming or maybe now it is global cooling that has been feloniously portrayed as the world’s most wicked problem, created by all of those belching cows, etc. etc. needing heavy taxation in order to gain environmental control.

Now if Obama is so bent on going green, why then does the government block so many avenues for the entrepreneurs and engineers to get us there? Is it that he only promotes those green ideas that have more to do with cronyism and kickbacks than for any that might actually work?

One such system is the hydrogen tank that will safely store 400 miles worth of fuel that can be filled with your backyard solar hydrogen generator?!

This system uses lithium-6 deuteride, to store the hydrogen in your tank and is the hydride material used in thermonuclear weapons that was devised as a means to store hydrogen more efficiently and safely, the law forbids purchasing it, at any cost although the law does not forbid making it

However the FDA, the food and drug administration levies massive fees for usage of a particle accelerator, the device needed to produce lithium-6 deuteride.

The fact remains, government regulations based in ignorance and cronyism have crippled many scientific solutions to our current energy disaster.

It is also a fact that the government has allowed the corporations to create a myriad of self serving laws that have crippled America’s ability to produce jobs or in fact to even survive unless you are a mega corporation that can grease the halls of Congress.

So once you take the time and try to analyze the problems that America is having and why we are struggling with finding jobs and why we are all losing freedom at an alarming rate, you come to the realization that America has come as far as it can go in the direction that we are heading without losing it all and becoming exactly what we have fought so hard to not become, just another country lead by another despot, tyrannical czar.

America really has but only one problem and one problem only. America is under the thumbs of the worlds most despicable manipulators whose only role in the world is to play their power games until they have pillaged and destroyed every country and free thought in the universe.

These players own the world’s banks, own the FED, own the media, own our Congress and now they want to own America, lock stock and barrel including your freedom.

The solution is very simple but is going to be tough to implement unless we find a way to ignite a firestorm of interest in saving our freedoms and fast.

All we have to do is to elect the right people to both Congress and the White House and start the road back to freedom and the economy will come roaring back to life again.

So again I say; it’s all about the Freedom Stupid. Take care of that and everything else will take care of itself.

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