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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Establishment is Real, Active, and Suicidal

Yes, Virginia, There is a Republican Establishment (And it’s Suicidal)

"Unfortunately, the establishment is real, active, and suicidal, willing to throw the next presidential election in order to maintain control of “its” party."

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It would be more correct to say that they are will willing to throw the next election in order to maintain control of the Washington Mafia that has control over both political parties.

One of the biggest reasons that the Republicans have such a hard time in fending off attacks by the Democrats is because their bath water is just as dirty as the democrats and how can you call the cops in when you are just as complicit as the perpetrator.

Ron Paul and Michele Backmann would be the main top contenders today if the media were not owned lock, stock and barrel by the same pack of rascals that own the FED and control the Washington insiders better known as the Washington Mafia.

It is sad that many folks actually still listen to the propaganda spewed by the media and actually believe that Ron Paul or Michele Backmann have no chance of winning. It is also sad that the media has complete control over the media because if they didn't, we not only would be far better off today but Ron Paul or Michele Backmann would be seen in a far better light and would be the next leaders of our nation.

We are down to the wire and America can go either of two ways, we can believe what the media says and slide further into an oligarchy and fascist police state where tyranny will eventually turn the country side into a charred and scarred battle zone of dead and starving or we can try our damnedest to elect someone that would reinstate the constitution and common, or should I say "not so common sense".

Freedom; It seems like such a simple thing, why make it complicated?

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