The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Points of interest on American oil and other corporate issues.

Points of interest on American oil and other corporate issues.

The American oil companies are massively funded organizations who are run by some very smart and influential people. Obama is more likely to be a pawn dancing to their tune rather than some goof ball Marxist politician gumming up the works and making it difficult for the mega giants to profit.

In fact the behemoth oil companies are doing quite well in spite of America’s plight or the destruction of the European Union.

On the surface it would appear that Obama has sunk the oil companies’ profits by removing them from the Gulf of Mexico that has made much news headlines for some time. What is not mentioned very much by the media is the activity going on in North Dakota and Montana.

Another thing is that America has exported three times the refined gasoline this year than last year but the American gas prices at the pump still reflect Opec pricing.

If one stops to try and rationalize what has really happened over the years, you have to come to the realization that the combined efforts of the banking corporations to control the news media and all of the corporations involvements in writing or influencing their own laws are self serving.

Also the sad and nefarious habits of Congress of combining or cramming separate and different issues into one bill in order to pass something that would not stand up to the light of day is nothing short of criminal but is considered as standard practice.

The American people are being hoodwinked everyday on all issues to the point that nothing that is said or written in the news is remotely true.

We have come to accept the high price of medicine as natural and inevitable and yet it is the direct result of years of government meddling or involvement. Not too many years ago, doctors actually accepted farm products or other forms of bargaining as payment.

When medicine became unionized under the guise of protecting the public by the AMA which was actually created to raise prices of doctoring, the people could no longer afford to pay their doctor for services and the next solution was to create insurance to cover for the event of a catastrophic health issue.

Things have really gotten out of hand and the people now can’t afford to pay their insurance premiums either and worse even yet, the government after all of its meddling now wants to take over health care totally and that is totally insane. If you think doctoring is costly now, wait until the government has total control.

About the only real way to fix America is to totally eradicate all of the unconstitutional laws and all of the laws driven by the corporations for their own greedy concerns.

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