The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It is such a simple thing

It is such a simple thing; either we cowboy up, work hard to try and keep our freedom or we can Hollywood up and nonchalantly toss it all away by electing the slickest tongue with the best hair do from insider Washington.

At least we aught to try and keep our freedom, the price of obtaining freedom is very high and saving it would be a lot less costly and it would also shed a lot less of our blood.

OK, I agree; Ron Paul does not have the best hair do and he does not speak as eloquently as some and then there are folks that do not understand his foreign policies, as we have become so accustomed to throwing our weight around and screwing over other countries that could just as well have screwed their own selves up, without us spending a few trillion on war toys.

The issue of the day is salvaging our freedom and Ron Paul comes closer to understanding that than any of the others running for office. I'm appalled every time that I hear some politician use the word freedom and then goes back to Washington to pass a bevy of bills that rob the American people of their freedoms and their dreams.

We need to get America using the slogan "To Hell with Everything Else, Let's Get Our Freedom Back First, Then Worry about Everything Else Latter". Until we Americans get that frame of mind, nothing else will matter anyway.

Should we fail to stop the progressive onslaught on our freedom this next election, you may very well hear that slogan in the streets, but it will be too late by then and the enemy of freedom will have won and imposed permanent marshal law to the land of the free.

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