The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tired of Dancing

I'm tired of dancing around with the stars and would like to see some real people up for election for a change.

I think that most of us would agree with that and would welcome someone that is not just another sleaze bag out to grab what he can.

I guess that the GOP just has a hard time coming up with a candidate that they like and want to go up against Obama.

First it was Romney and the drop out, what's his name, then along came Perry and apparently they weren’t satisfied or sure that these two rhinos could beat out the real candidates, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain so now they are begging Chris Christie to get in the race. Come on!

I really don't think that they are all that concerned with beating Obama as much as they are keeping one of their own bankster picked mafia members in office.

It makes you wonder, who is more afraid of the real candidates that would actually adhere to the Constitution and the principles of freedom, the Democrats or the GOP Rhinos? Well maybe they are from the same cloth.

Let’s see now, Rick Perry will not assure us that he is pro 2nd amendment and likes to rule by executive order, although he does likes to shoot, Romney still clings to his socialistic Medicare program and Christie is anti 2nd amendment and pro carbon tax. All three are funded by the banksters, read that as Mafia, Wow what a trio to pick from, PUKE!

The next time someone tells me that we need someone who can get things done and suggests someone who would be willing to "compromise", Damn I hate that word, I think that I will puke on his tie and shoes.

We all know that the Democrats will toss out their freedom along with your freedom, at the mere chance for more entitlements, but what part of the Constitution does the GOP not understand?

No damn wonder folks are joining the Tea Party in droves.

The main thing is to keep our Constitution safe from the socialist and to recover our youth from the brainwashing that they have endured over the years.

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