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Monday, September 5, 2011

Time is running out

Rick Perry is a mixed bag of ideas and there are things that seem to be on track with what America is all about and yet there are other things that bother me about him.

I like his way of looking like a leader and his fearless way of shooting appropriate spit balls at the FED etc. I think that he may be a get it done kind of guy and would be a leader that would demand respect from both home and abroad, unlike the present suit in the White House.

However there are some disturbing things about Perry that demands looking into and needs to be answered before we hoist him onto the throne.

Number one is the fact that he is a professional politician and that alone demands a certain amount of scrutiny.

#2 is his trip to the Bilderberger conference that he attended prior to jumping into the presidential race. Really?

#3 is his reluctance to answer the 2nd amendment survey to declare his position on the citizens right to own and bear arms, although he is an avid shooter himself. Bilderberger payback?

#4 is his failure like so many other politicians to declare their position on the constitution, our freedom and address the fact that most politicians are ignoring their sworn duties to uphold, abide by and protect the most important laws of the land namely the Constitution of the United States of America. Again, Bilderberger payback?

Here is just a very few videos about his issues.

Some of the things on the following site I actually think are good points for Perry. You pick.

All in all, I or we all could only wish that Ron Paul had the same amount of charisma as Perry because Ron Paul does not have to prove himself for the simple reason that he has a very long track record of being always on the side of the Constitution and personal freedom.

However most folks are not aware of this because the media not only tries to hide that fact from you but the media has spent much or their time doing a real good job of painting Ron Paul as an "isolationist" for wanting the same thing that the lib's claim to want, "out of the insane wars that we are always in for no good reason".

The media also would have you believe that the FED has things under control and that Ron Paul is crazy for wanting the people to go back on the ancient practice of "using gold as money".

They claim that we couldn't possibly mine enough gold to keep pace with how much money is required in our system and they are quit right in that respect if you consider how the FED operates and how much money the FEDS need.

They miss the point completely because gold will not and can not inflate like paper dollars that are printed into existence like the FED and the government likes to do.

So time is running out fast for who will be picked to run against the Obama regime and we need to not only got our acts together and find someone who can beat Obama, but we also need to consider the consequences of choosing another Mafia Puppet, operated by the same puppeteer that controls Obama.

Why is this so important?

The reason is very simple, America has been under subtle attack for many years going back to before FDR and although the takeover of America has been very slow up to this point, the things necessary for a complete coup are now nearly in place and they want to get the job done before too many of us catch on and rise up to stop them.

What I am saying is this and I want to be very blunt; you are on the very verge of losing your freedom and your country to a bunch of snobby, selfish and sinister skunks that are insanely rich but are no longer satisfied with just being rich, they want it all. They will not stop until they own the world and everyone and everything in it.

For those who would keep on saying that there is nothing that can be done anyway, please go climb back under your bed.

For those of you who like freedom and would like it to stay that way, you know what to do. Educate the naive, waken the oblivious, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

As long as the American people continue to listen to the media's bullshit that Ron Paul, Cain, Bachmann, Palin, Trump or anyone else that touts our freedom can't win, they will be correct simply because the people fell for the swill given them

As I have said before, the media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the same folks that are backing the puppets. Are you going to start doing your own thinking and stop listening to the enemy?

If we fail to turn this around next election and get some non Mafia representatives in office, their will be hell and blood to pay.

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