The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rule by Force

Rule by Force

America has grown accustomed to violence and it is by no surprise as the world is well known throughout history for atrocities against citizens by despot rulers and for untold blood soaked battles across many changing borders.

America itself has had its own violent times as well but over the years the lawman has gained the upper hand and for many years and up until now we have felt comfortable to travel about our communities without fear, for the most part.

Although we can contribute this taming of the West, so to speak, to concerned citizens urging the passage of certain laws and a willingness to fund a police force to enforce these laws, things have long since gone beyond what is prudent in many cases a false pretense of public safety.

Perhaps some of these excessive laws were made with good and honest intentions but not well thought out, but there are many laws that are not made with good intentions at all although they are falsely touted as necessary for the public good or safety.

The problem arises when you know that and you know that the government knows that and the demand for more and more laws never ceases.

It is at this time that the government stops looking out for the citizens that created the government to look out for them. Instead the government now has its own interests in mind and the citizens are now a mixture of subjects to provide the government with revenue and live bodies for the infantry but are also a hindrance and threat to its existence.

Once the citizens become subjects and a threat to the government, the government feels a need to implement yet more laws to keep the subjects in line and creates yet more frustrations from the citizens and the spirals continues to the very death of the nation.

It becomes more and more difficult for a government to enforce the ever growing pile of laws heaped onto the populace and so the government creates more and more government departments to contend with a rising unrest among the subjects.

Today we are seeing more and more government agencies that raid various enterprises in numbers while wearing armor and Ninja masks with drawn guns at the ready as if they were performing another raid on Entebbe.

Really, are they afraid that some little old lady is going to beat them with her cane when they arrive at the grocery to inspect the milk to ensure that it is not wholesome?

How about the raid on Gibson Guitar with drawn guns? How on earth can we justify allowing that to happen? Who is next?

You have to wonder at it all. Is this necessary? Is this the kind of America that we want to live in?

Fail to file your taxes properly and the IRS dressed in Ninja suites brandishing assault rifles breaks down your door shoots your dog, tackles and cuffs your wife, jerks the cables out of your computer and carries it of to the lab.

Every time I see the black uniform with masks and the “lawmen doing the hut, hut, hut” I get this feeling of both dread and queasiness and I also wonder how long it will be before they arrive at my or my neighbor’s door looking for the latest outlawed commodity.

I can still remember the ATF doing a high five over the fresh body of a young man who was having some mental issues and out of desperation commandeered a school bus but later walk away from it and was sitting a park bench when shot by a sniper.  Really?

So how long will the American public allow the government to keep growing?

How long will we put up with the government training of special troops to curtail riots spurred by food shortages that are fostered by foolish government programs?

How long will we keep on electing the same old tired politicians that go to Washington with the intentions of getting their fair share of the raiding and raping of America?

How long will we keep swallowing the same old swill perpetrated on us by the bought and paid for media?

When will we stop listening to the party factions and their pundits and start looking for people to elect to office that will reinstate the constitution and our freedoms?

I’m beginning to think that it will not happen in time and that the majority of voters will repeat the same mistake again, unless there is a very sudden rise in awareness and very soon.

I, and I think that most everyone else, would rather stop the demise of our country by the ballot box and not by the blood of many good patriots and fools protecting the tyrants.

Keep your powder dry.

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