The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, September 2, 2011

Governing by Crisis

Governing by Crisis

Everything that Obama is doing has been consistent and it all is consistently designed to destroy the economy and put us into an economic crisis so that the government can respond with their plan to combat civil unrest.

As I have said many times, from the beginning of his presence in the White House to now, his plan is to create a crisis condition in America in order to allow for him to call for Martial Law.

Every aspect of this president’s actions points consistently in exactly that direction and no one in Congress has a clue about his final objectives because they are still playing with the same toys and games as they have always.

This president with the help of the most powerful people in the world is making fools of our Congress and if they don’t catch on very soon, the coup will be complete.

We are only a few riots away from having Obama as the supreme ruler that he dreams of being, as once martial law is enforced it, may very well be in place for decades.

Those that have paid attention, all know by now that this is true but many of us still refuse to open their eyes and stare reality in the face.

As you read these words, our government is training for civil unrest and they are preparing for the worst and bloodiest mayhem since the civil war.

FEMA has been building internment camps for the unruly and the government is building and preparing underground survival shelters that resemble modern day cities with all services.

Obama has nearly everything that he needs to pull off his coup and time is running short with the 2012 elections coming.

While the government is preparing for the worse, wise citizens will do well to do the same.

One can only guess as to what the actual calamity will be that generates the civil unrest but the shortage of food is highest on the list and I can only wonder how Obama will generate that. Perhaps it will simply be the total collapse of the dollar, that would be enough.

If someone can better explain Obama’s actions, I sure would be interested to hear it.

Keep your powder dry.

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