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Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Than Half of Americans Are Considered Crazy

More Than Half of Americans Are Considered Crazy

These days the government is on the minds of an ever growing concerned group of Americans and for very good reasons.

It is becoming more and more obvious, to the average American, that something is very foul in Washington DC and many other parts of the country as well, because the nation is undergoing some very dramatic and very dangerous changes.

In fact things have gotten bad enough that many concerned Americans, across the land, have created a vast variety of watchdog groups that are fighting government takeover on many different fronts and have coalesced into a nebulous like form called the Tea Party.

At one time in our history, these folks would have simply been considered responsible and caring citizens and would have been hailed as heroes protecting the cause and our freedom.

Unfortunately however, these same folks today are labeled as terrorist, anarchist, fascists, racist, extremist, religious zealots, fruit loops, crazy lunatics and a host of other names with the primary intention of debasing and demonizing the movement before it gains momentum.

It is also interesting that those who would try and convince you that these folks are dangerous, gun toting, violent, redneck hillbillies, are actually the very ones who are advocating violence as a tactic to further their socialistic or progressive causes such as the Billy club carrying Black Panthers that intimidate voters at the voting polls.

These days, during any conversation containing a political nature, one must be careful to skirt the harsh realities of the truth and learn how to avoid looking like a raving lunatic. Failing to heed this precaution will only result in your failure to gain any ground in educating the naïve and actually strengthen their resolve, to remain uninformed, as now they really may think you are crazy.

One also must refrain from suggesting the more obvious solutions to the problems of government for fear of being branded a terrorist and a raving lunatic extremist.

Excerpt from the article; “Dear Federal government: Go to hell!”[P11435429]&rrid=306987966

“Start talking 10th Amendment, state sovereignty or — heaven forbid — nullification, and you will immediately find yourself branded as an extremist, a nut job, a radical and out of the mainstream. There’s even a supposedly nasty term for those of us who would dare advance such nutty principles: “Tenther.”

Well, apparently, the American majority is just plain nutty.

A Rasmussen poll released last Friday tells us that “54 percent of Likely U.S. Voters believe that states should have the right to opt out of federal programs they don’t agree with.” In other words, more than half of Americans now embrace the Constitutional concept of State sovereignty.

More telling than this small majority in support of such crazy ideas is the much smaller minority of people opposed to them. Only 31 percent of those polled disagreed and said States should not enjoy the ability to opt out.

Think about that for a moment, because it is significant. Less than one-third of the country opposes our base principle that each State can and should have a unique approach to handling various political issues.”

Before you know it, someone from this group of crazy insane, freedom loving extremists will be advocating that we follow the suggestions laid out for us by our forefathers to nullify the federal government and start a new one in its place should it become tyrannical in nature.

Oh such crazy talk. After all this is America.

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