The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, June 24, 2011

We're going to need a bigger cage

The POTUS thought that his shiny and newly minted birth certificate would be an end to the problem. They even managed to buy off Fox News and Bill O'Rielly, however they should have done a much better job at printing up a fake.

Fact is though that the president has committed many crimes that would or should have put him in prison and get him impeached many times over but the fake birth certificate should make it a slam dunk, providing that someone will admit that they know that it is fake.

What really is bothersome and tragic is that so many know these things but are afraid to speak out because the first one always gets the bullet, so to speak and no one wants to be first.

Fact number two is that the president couldn't have pulled this off by himself and needed plenty of help. These folks will be discovered, sooner or later if not already and when the shit hits the fan we will need to build a bigger prison to fit them all in.

Starting with the White House and Congress, working our way through Obama's cabinet and scouring the main stream complicit media will be a momentous undertaking and as you can see it will take some doing to get it done.

I think that most everyone knows that the president is a fraud and needs to be removed from office before he destroys the country, but given how involved that the media and Congress is and are up to their ears in the farce, makes it problematic because you need Congress as the instrument to investigate both the White House and Congress. Then to top it all off, you also need the media to cover how the media was completely complicate in the farce from the very beginning.

It would seem that the remaining question is; who is going to take on the Herculean job of cleaning up this mess?
Will we have to give Congress an amnesty to get them to clean up the white house and the justice department?
When the top law officers in the nation all become criminal, who gets to arrest them?

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