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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Obstruction Of Justice

Obstruction Of Justice

One of the tools that law enforcement officers use to obtain incriminating information on a suspect, or PERP as they like to use the term, from another unwilling citizen is to use a legal extortion practice known as “obstruction of justice”.

The threat of jail time has probably put more people in jail than any other method used by a police force irregardless of whether the coerced information was factual or not.

What is really amazing about this is the fact that our citizens are overcrowding the jails guilty or not, innocent or not but at the same time the fat cats and scallywags are blatantly thumbing their noses at the constitution, the people and the law in general with complete immunity.

If and when this country ever comes back to its senses and undertakes the job of arresting and prosecuting the folks who are perpetrating the biggest crime of all, namely the trashing of our constitution and treason, there will not be nearly enough prison space to begin to house them all.

The persons who are guilty of treason number in the hundreds, however the folks who are complicate of obstruction of justice number in the thousands and perhaps even the tens of thousands if you include the mass media.

As with most Ponzi or otherwise criminal schemes, there is usually the fall guy who takes the heat allowing most of the rascals to escape the noose and this seems to be the case with the latest scandal with the BATF and their sinister plot gone amiss.

The head lines was supposed to have read, “US arms supplied by Texas gun dealers found in hands of Mexican drug cartels”, instead this arrogant and rogue government department got caught red handed with both hands up to their elbows in the cookie jar. Of course Kenneth Melson is the fall guy but he will be replaced by one who is even more inclined to oppose citizen owned firearms.

So it would seem that only the lowly citizen who toils daily to pay for our government system is the only one who has to worry about the consequences of “obstruction of justice”.

If the law “obstruction of justice” applied evenly to all citizens including those in Congress, the Justice Department, the White House and the media, most everyone from the POTUS himself down to the janitor in the news room would be in jail for this crime alone.

When the shit finally hits the fan, will Obama, Pelosi, Reid, holder and a host of other notorious scallywags get their just due or will they be the ones to jump onto the immunity bus to escape prosecution?

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