The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally someone actually spoke the word freedom

Yesterday I made the comment about the lack of the F word, the seven letter one not the four letter one, in all or most of the presidential hopeful’s speeches as if the word freedom was some kind of a dirty word these days.

This morning I was watching the news as yet another new hat was being thrown in the ring and as I ate my breakfast I expected nothing new and was braced for just another round of Rah, Rah we need jobs, Rah, Rah we need a balanced budget etc, etc, drivel, drivel.

However, when Senator Santorum started his speech he did by saying that yes it was the economy, that yes it was the price of gas, that yes it was about jobs, etc but he led it up to the crescendo and then he actually said the F word.

Senator Santorum made his opening speech on his entrance into the presidential bid and he actually centered it on the F word “Freedom”. At this point I froze in my tracks and shouted YES! Well I did wake the cat up; I’m not sure about the neighbors.

Let us pray however that he is for real and that he is the real deal. Let us also pray that if he turns out for real, that the nation will come to know it and furthermore demand it.

This nation deserves a real freedom loving president again and it deserves a Congress full of Freedom loving Representatives and Senators. Vote the phonies out of office.

This nation deserved the freedom that it once had because Americans fought for it and paid the price in blood but we are now paying for our apathy. Soon freedom will be but a distant memory for some of us and others will never know it unless we take quick action.

Perhaps, if we act soon, today’s present crop of citizens will manage to gain another chance at trying to keep its freedom.

We were warned by our forefathers that if we grew lax in guarding our freedom that it would be taken from us, and I hope that by now we have learned our lesson well, and well before it is too late to recover.

Yes let us hope that Rick Santorum is the real deal and can regain our freedom in a peaceful manner. Only time will tell, if he is, and we have so little of it to spare.

Let us all hope that we will never have to pick up the musket in order to remain free.

However, Keep your powder dry and don’t vote for someone unless they do use the F word with genuine passion and conviction.

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