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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sex, Rogues and ninjas

It is ironic that we can not find a way to deal with politicians who use their powers to rob the nation blind or to destroy the citizen’s freedom, but we can destroy any politician overnight who steps out of the family bedroom to have a sexually related experience.

It is however not good thing to have politicians who can be coerced or swayed by threat of exposure, ie extortion, because of their sexual deviations as this does imperil our national security.

Further, we would like to think that our politicians are telling us the truth and when they are discovered, it is only natural for anyone to try and explain it away by lying about it. And if you lie about anything at all, you are labeled as one who will lie about anything.

Perhaps if we didn’t have such an archaic view of sex in this country, we wouldn’t have to worry about our politicians being compromised from their sexual antics. However this is something that would probably take hundreds of generations for any society to overcome and no matter how bad liberals or any other factions would like to see that happen, it will be some time yet before it does happen.

It’s too damn bad that the folks in this country, who do get indignant, can’t get worked up to the same fever pitch however, when someone either trashes or dodges our constitution, as they do when someone steps out of their matrimonial traces.

If the media spent the same amount of time following or hammering the BATFE gunrunner scandal as they have of entertaining us with the Anthony Weiner scandal or the murder trial of Casey Anthony for killing her daughter Caylee, there would no longer be a BATFE around to intimidate and abuse the general public.

However when you really stop to think about it, it may not be the public’s fault as much as it is the media’s purposeful and devious intention of drawing attention away from the reprehensible and out of control federal department that should have been disbanded the very day that prohibition was repealed.

The BATFE is a rogue department that is anti gun, anti freedom and anti American and it is high time for it to go as it serves no useful purpose.

This Department needs to be disbanded before it does another high five over a bullet ridden body that it just gunned down in a hail of bullets.

Something is seriously wrong when a police department is allowed to do its duties wearing ninja masks.

Keep your powder dry and keep a lookout for ninjas.

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