The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, June 11, 2011

At What Point will you say No More?

At What Point will you say No More?

According to some polls taken, Obama still has a strong favorable following and I find it very difficult that his approval rating can still be so high.

Apparently the media has done an excellent job of hiding the facts the past couple years or so because any one paying any attention at all would find it impossible to keep up with all of the various and nefarious deeds that this president has done.

Apparently Bush was the perfect cover for Obama’s continuing debasement of our freedom and our country and Obama likes to hide behind Bush’s failing at the same time that he is expanding upon these very same felonious deeds.

At this very moment there are hundreds of videos, thousands of blogs, hundreds of unreported or under reported criminal Obamananigans and yet the main stream media continues to wear self imposed blinders and demonize any one who questions the loss of their freedom.

I like the bill board in Harford, Maryland that shows the constitution being shredded and the words “At What Point will you say “No More!”?”

This bill board can be seen at

Who, in the Seattle area wants to help me in finding away to put up one of these bill boards?

Perhaps we could have a summer event to raise funds for it, any ideas?

Keep your powder dry.

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