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Monday, March 7, 2011

The reality of going green

""Bachmann, founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, also asserts that Obama wants $8-a-gallon gasoline to drive America toward green energy,""

Going green to some Americans seems like a really good idea and to them it also seems as though it would provide jobs while reducing pollution.

The reality of it proves to be otherwise.

Imagine that you are a corporation looking for a shiny new project for making money in the coming decades. Are you going to spend millions of dollars developing new technology and more to gear up your company in order to replace fossil fuels as an energy source?

It is highly unlikely that any individual or corporation would ever take such a risk given the fact that the world has vast deposits of oil and coal that are so plentiful and far cheaper sources of energy.

Even if Obama succeeds in driving up energy prices, as he has shown his desire to in order to dry up the source, no one would think of spending their own money to go green because a stroke of a pen or the changing of the guard could change that over night and destroy any company foolish enough to take the chance that the government could and would suppress fossil fuels over the long haul.

Perhaps Obama really believes in what he is doing, but he needs to get a reality check and perhaps the best way would be for Obama to start up his own “privately funded’ green company and go as green as he wishes.

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