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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can a seed commit suicide?

Can a seed commit suicide?

Monsanto Corporation is reportedly working to incorporate a suicide gene in its genetically engineered seeds so that no one can store them for future use. It all sounds a bit far fetched but then welcome to the 21st century.

Monsanto is also reportedly trying to purchase all rights to all seeds used in the food production of the world. Could that possibly include non genetically engineered seeds as well? Is this all part of a science fiction novel that hasn’t hit print yet?

Few of us could even dream up a scenario like this and if it is just made up, where is Hollywood?

Congress just passed into law a brand new government agency under the so called “Food Safety Act” that is supported by, sheez I’d never have guessed, Monsanto and George Soros and probably written by them as well.

I think that would make about 11 or is it 12 government agencies now that were enacted to protect “control” our food supply and yet we still have salmonella and e coli getting into our food on a fairly regular basis.

Are you worried yet?

We that love life and freedom are going to need help. I can not even begin to try to get a handle of it all, it is just too big and overwhelming.

It is going to require an army of concerned and dedicated citizens to sort out all of the damage that our congress has allowed greedy corrupted corporations and foreign agents to thrust upon us for the sake of control and money.

The above scenario seems to be only a small fraction of the grand schemes of diabolical misdeeds by greedy corporations and sleazy government officials. Where does one start?

Once the banks control all of the world’s money, one corporation controls the world’s food supply, one corporation controls the world’s health care and we have a one world government, will the world be enough for them?

Where is James Bond when you need him?

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