The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just going through the motions

Just going through the motions while cruising on the Titanic

As I watch Congress do business as usual, I keep getting this sinking feeling that I’m on the Titanic and I’m just going through the motions of my daily routine and trying to make a living. I know that Congress will still be doing business as usual as the lower decks flood with sea water and the stern raises high into the air just prior to breaking in half and making the final icy plunge.

One hundred and eighty six republican’s voted to extend the dead line to shut down the runaway government and that tells us that there are 186 cowardly representatives in office. Well maybe they are not just cowards after all; maybe they also have a vested interest in keeping a bloated and corrupt government operating.

Yes we are all just going through the motions, none of us has a clue as to what tomorrow may bring and none of us have a clue if we will be employed or in business tomorrow and like the Titanic, few of us will have a life boat to get into.

Our Captain has given orders to sail full speed into the dark of night and head long into iceberg laden waters and has hung a do not disturb sign on his door. As long as our country is without leadership, there will be uncertainty and we will just remain, going through the motions, until we slip under the waves.

When are we going to finally declare that our captain is not fit for service and remove him from his responsibilities before we all go down with the Titanic?

Looking back over the past several years should wake up even the most lethargic citizen and show us that something is terribly wrong in Washington. However those that have been sufficiently or thoroughly indoctrinated by our government based schools system and progressive riddled entertainment world, will cling to the credence that they are entitled and that the wealthy owes them a plush living.

For those of us that are not so lethargic or completely indoctrinated, we need to let our representatives know that we are more than willing to let Congress shut down the federal government. In fact we insist that they do shut it down so that the populace can see for themselves that yes you can survive without government and that yes in fact life is actually much better that way.

For those that are dependent on social security, do not fear Social Security is a contract with the people and can not stop even if the government should shut down.

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