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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Private versus government schooling

Figures Don't Lie

In the United States, we spend over $10,000 per child per year to educate them in the public school system. About 29% of those funds come from property taxes levied against homeowners and commercial businesses.

In 2004, property taxes collected across the United States totaled $307 BILLION DOLLARS. Of that figure, 96.9% was used for education. That means of the $307 billion in property taxes collected, $297.5 billion went to education.

But that only accounts for 29% of the funds. In total, we spend nearly $1 TRILLION DOLLARS a year to educate the children in the public school system in the United States.

Private schools cost about ¼ to ½ of the same price that public schools cost the taxpayer per year and you don’t have to worry about the state trying to indoctrinate your loved ones.

It seems like a no-brainer, but there will be battles to win to convince some that this is the best course to take. Many folks will not want to pay for an education for their children when there already is a system in place, even though the system is widely accepted by about everyone as a catastrophic failure at educating children.

There will also be the folks who will resist because they believe in “political correctness” or rather the indoctrination of children to further their political agendas.

Perhaps one place to start would be to try and convince our legislatures that those who pay for their own children’s education should be exempted from paying property taxes. At the very least, this money could go a long way to dig our way out of the hole that we are in because of government overspending on all levels of state and federal.

However the chances of that flying are astronomical and it comes down to parents, who want the best for their children, to simply choose a private school.

One might think that in time folks would get the point that the children who are educated by private schools have an advantage over those that are not and that this would spell doom and a natural death for the public government school system.

However the public school system will not go away without a fight and will use what ever underhanded tactic at hand to stay in power and who knows, they may even try to outlaw the private tutoring of our children.

Private schooling would be the fastest way for the US to become competitive again, providing that we can get government out of the rest of our business and our lives.

There are other bonuses as well; because the schools usually have strict rules about any kind of abuse such as drug use, bullying or other bad behavior, your child has a better and safer learning environment.

Another benefit is that these schools want your child to succeed so that their reputation gains them new and more students to teach. You can be assured that your child will learn much more than their public counterparts and will be happier about it as well.

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