The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, March 4, 2011

Obamacare boondoggle was illegally funded

It has been discovered that the Obamacare boondoggle was illegally funded by deceitful and blatantly insane and off the wall measures that only a mad man could dream up. The bill itself contained its own funding measures and is a blatant and fraudulent attempt to make an end run around congress for funding of an unwanted and unconstitutional bill.

Congress alone has the responsibility of funding projects such as this and hiding a funding measure within a bill like this is blatantly criminal in every respect.

If Obama care is as good as Obama claims it is, why is it then that the bill was rammed through by fraud and stealth (hidden within a dead appropriations bill and given a misleading and deceptive label and then passed in the darkness of night), fraudulently presented and secretly and fraudulently funded?

This bill should be struck down and killed in its entirety simply because it was hatched out of deceit, fraudulently handled every step of the way and has been officially judged as unconstitutional by the courts, not to mention the fact that it is un-American as it gets and unacceptable in every aspect to anyone who believes in freedom and our way of life.

Does Obama really think that he is so much smarter than all the rest of us that he needs to usurp the legal and political processes and operate outside of the law in order to do what he himself thinks is good for us? Or is it something more bizarre, progressive, dangerous and sinister than that?

Orrin Hatch and other members of congress have fallen short of calling Obama what he appears to be and simply say that he is over his head and simply doesn’t know what to do. If that is true, who on earth is the brilliant b*&%*#d that is hatching out all this crap?

And second if it is someone else pulling the strings it makes no difference anyway because this is something that America cannot tolerate, accept or harbor and still expect to survive as a free nation.

This is something that must be stopped in its tracks and we must also be on guard so as not to slide down this slippery slope again.

Washington needs to learn that the people are in charge and will not tolerate such shenanigans from the White House, the Justice Department or Congress.

The blatant corruption in Washington has gone on far too long and it is time for the people to realize that they can no longer tolerate such criminal activity and expect to remain comfortable and safely ensconced in a free nation.

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