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Saturday, June 20, 2009

US Customs re-righting law on knife rights

My letter to Fox

Glen Beck,

I like your show; I was actually shocked to see someone on television trying to do the same thing that I and a rare few others have been trying to do for years. Warn the American public of the chipping away and lately blatant attack on their freedom.

I know that there is a lot going on now with banking etc. but we need to let folks know that their basic rights to own a knife is in jeopardy, at least the right to own a one handed opening pocket knife. The US Customs of all people are using the federal register to rewrite law concerning the antiquated switchblade law to read "any knife that can be opened with one hand". This is a blatant back door sneak attack on the citizen’s rights and it needs to be halted because it will set precedence and give government more brevity with their shenanigans.

The whole US knife industry will be affected by this nonsense and it will put many of use out of work needlessly, I for one would be greatly affected with a knife that I have spent the past several years perfecting. The intentions of designing this knife were to make the world strongest and safest folding knife and it will be outlawed just as it comes into being. I have at this time no other way to make a living and it does irk me some.

The fact that one handed opening knives is the best selling, most carried and most used knife in the world would suggest the overall acceptance of this kind of knife and that government needs to take heed.

The fact that this knife is also hailed as a life saving tool by folks who work in those certain professions where such a tool is often needed to extract themselves from life threatening circumstances, is good testimony to the value of keeping them legal.

The fact that I have never heard of a single instance of illegal activity by someone using a one handed opening knife is also good testimony for the acceptance of this tool.

Not sure why the government is now suddenly so concerned with this issue, but it is time to let the people of the land let the government know how they feel about it. The fact that this type of knife has been purchased and used daily by so many law abiding citizens, should be well more proof that the people have spoken out in its approval and that the government should listen.

Another important issue is the relentless efforts of Time Warner, Comcast and others to gain control over the free internet. Nothing good can come of this and it will burden the American citizen greatly while fattening the fattest of fat cats.

One of the excuses that will be offered up in convincing us that this grab is a good idea will be (it may prevent my child from porn) and nothing is farther from the truth.

I suggest that watching TV cartoons, awash in political content, is far more damaging to children than any porn would be. And I also suggest that it is the responsibility of the parents to regulate what their children watch. However I doubt that many parents are fearful of the cartoons yet but need to be.

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