The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, June 13, 2009

US Customs making US law regarding knives

As I understand it, US Customs is using the federal register to try and re word the description of the current switchblade law.

If they succeed, any knife that can be opened with one hand will be considered illegal in the US because this regulation will influence all the federal laws of the land concerning this issue.

First off; It is hard to imagine why or how we ever managed to install such an insidious instrument such as the federal register into use. This allows any agency to sneak any proposal for new law directly past the people of this country and makes the making of new laws way too easy.

Second; It is hard to imagine that a US government dept. such as US Customs, would use such a tactic to try and make a US law governing the peoples rights to carry a knife of their choice. A bit out of their jurisdiction I would think. Who was behind this one?

Third; It is very difficult to imagine that Texan's would have allowed their legislature to pass a law that would outlaw "assisted opening knives". Someone went to sleep at the switch apparently down in Texas.

Considering the facts about assisted opening knives would weigh in heavily in their favor.

First off; Think about all of the many jobs that man does that having easy access to a knife that can be opened by one hand could be a life saving feature. Go ahead and start a list and see just how endless it can become.

Second; When is the last time that you seen in the news that someone was victimized because someone had an assisted opening knife.

Third; If we all go along with this bullshit, we will soon be giving up our screwdrivers. chisels, hammers,.... Well here again you can start a list and see just how long it can get.

If the government insists on disarming us all, we in turn should demand that the government assigns all of us an armed personal body guard 24/7.

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