The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Switchblades and government morons

How is it that some self serving moronic sleazeball bureaucrat can simply go to a book called the federal register and sneak a proposal that will become the law of the land past the public that will affect millions of citizens and put thousands of folks out of work.

I'm talking about the US Customs service using the federal register to re describe the wording regarding the switch blade that will make any folder that can be opened by one hand illegal. Man if any ever needed a good prodding with a sharp pitchfork it is the bastard the came up with this one. I wonder if we can somehow find out who this guy is and thank him properly?

Another person that needed a sharp instrument up where the sun doesn't shine is the bastard that came up with the federal register idea in the first place. Man what an insidious and dangerous thing to have in a free society.

Maybe it's time to forget the pitch forks and load up the ol flintlock.

Damn, wher's Yosimity Sam when you need him. Blast em boys

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