The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, June 12, 2009

The internet under attack again? Or way to many wolves.

It seems that every part of our lives and business is under constant daily attack by either the out of control government , some greedy corporation or some other wacko group wanting to put me out of business to save the endangered red eyed house fly.

How the hell can one survive in business when you have to spend most of your days fighting one dragon or another just to stay in business?

Lets see here, 6 hours answering E mail, writing your congressman about why they need to not do what they are doing or else we will all sink together, juggling the books to see who gets paid today and then finally out to the shop to get in a couple of hours worth of work and answering the phone to hear some recorded sales pitch. How is this going to work?

When will the shelling stop? How much more damage will we take before we decide to fight back? Will we have anything left to fight back with?

A note to my out of control government, the grubby greed ridden corporations, and any other wacko misfits, Leave my country and me alone. Better yet, just leave my country and don't come back.

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