The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two ways to fight tyranny

Two ways to fight tyranny

There are two ways to fight tyranny, bullets and votes.

Voter fraud is spreading and becoming more obvious by the day. Although I have mentioned the built in opportunities for voter fraud in Washington state's ballot, on numerous occasions, no one has shown much concern about it yet.

Obama has been hard at work to get Acorn, now known by many different aliases since the scandals, behind his plan to use his various organizations to control the national voting process. His words not mine.

The news media has long been under the control of the international banking community and we see on a daily basis just how the news mafia is using it to deceive and outright lie to the population at large. I find it hard to believe that anyone would even read or turn today’s news on.

The following extracted paragraphs from Independents Women’s Voice and one from the Blaze is only two examples of the tens of thousands of unreported yet important bits of information that the people need to stay informed.

“In the midst of the Obama Administration's stunning lack of leadership in the uprisings in Egypt and Libya, the news that yet another federal judge ruled ObamaCare un-Constitutional seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the mainstream media over the last month.”

“President Obama is considering issuing a new executive order which would mandate that all companies bidding on government contracts release details of campaign donations made by the company, its executives and board members. Is this government transparency or a way to decide how to reward or punish companies, based on which political party they support?”

This is why I think it imperative to use the internet to the fullest and use Chain Reaction Education to try and overwhelm the voting polls and the coming voter fraud this next election and why I spend so much of my valuable time working on it.

The choice is ours:

Freedom or no freedom.
Obama or Nobama?
A working Congress or the present Mafia Congress?

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