The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, April 22, 2011

On resistance of education and reason from a conservative gun toting liberal

Resistance of education and reason

Our concerns for our freedom usually falls on deaf ears these days as most of us have deftly learned to tune out the commercials of life and so have many or most of those that we would like to inform about the perils of our fragile freedom from those who would take it from us for their selfish reasons or financial gain.

On one hand we know that we must inform the naïve and educate the uneducated in order to put our country and our freedom back on track. We need to do this because those that are not aware of the dangers can not defend themselves or our country from it.

On the other hand when we try to inform other of the dangers, we are viewed as the enemy to the liberals and to their way of life because the misinformation appears to come from a trusted and authoritative source.

This is the direct result of a long time plan of action, by our real enemy, to divide our country and conquer it from within. They have used racism, religion, abortion, and a host of other issues or should we say issues not pertaining to the real issues to cloud the thinking of those that would or could see things more clearly if not for all the smoke and mirrors.

At one time, I considered myself as a liberal and I still do to a large degree. I believe that I have many things in common with real liberals and one of those things is liberty that I cherish so much and which my dad and so many of my/our forefathers gave their lives to protect.

I do not agree with any of the current wars that we are involved in and I think that the last war in which we fought that was necessary to protect our way of life, was WW2.

I think that the so called “war on drugs” is also ridicules and it only serves to make the overly rich even richer and more powerful, it makes bureaucracies larger and largely blurs the lines between “justice” and organized crime on all levels.

I feel that liberals would mostly agree with most or at least much of that and many more things that I believe in like; keeping church and state separate, keep the church or state out of our bedrooms and our lives in general, practice the golden rule, protect the environment from greedy corporations, have sound principles that allow harmony with your neighbors and others and a general desire to live ones life in freedom.

Being a liberal at heart, I find it real difficult to understand how many of those that considers themselves liberals are so inline with factions that seeks to destroy their very liberties. Is that not an oxymoron? Is it merrily the fear of losing the things promised by the government that they perceive will evaporate if the right should win out?

It has been said that only 8% of the population are extreme progressives desiring to overthrow our country. Shouldn’t that leave a huge margin of freedom lovers?

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