The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Education is the key to freedom

Education is the key to freedom

With the exception of the far extreme left namely (The Progressives) and the zombies that the Progressives have created via the foreign and domestic bank owned lame stream news media, the “Public School System” and Hollywood, we all would agree that anyone who is even a little bit farther to the right would be better in office than Obama.

But never underestimate the power of stupidity, apathy or fervently fanatical zombies in mass as they will clasp their hands over their ears and close their eyes to reason or they will obediently follow the siren song of their masters even if to do so flies in the very face of reason.

Education is the key to freedom but be prepared for a difficult time at best because the problem not only lies with naïve and apathetic populace but zombies are zombies largely because they have been programmed (brainwashed) over the years by the media, the public schools and by Hollywood. Zombies will be hard to convert so we must first focus on the naïve and the apathetic.

Probably the best place to start the education process would be to go to a movie that is now showing in theaters near you, Atlas Shrugged by the late Ayn Rand. It is the first part of a three part series that, although a novel that was written over 50 years ago, portraits very accurately exactly what is happening to our country today. A must see movie.

The education would logically show how the bankers have taken over the news media, destroyed our monetary system by the creation of the privately and foreign owned Federal Reserve System and how the preplanned shenanigans by the FED was covered by the creation of the IRS. Why the FED was and still is the biggest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on a largely and unsuspecting and trusting population.

Further education should include how government has allowed corporations to use Congress for personal gains at the expense of the people’s property, money and freedoms by the use of corporate and military lobbyist and Congressional shenanigans.

How the system has used special interest groups such as the Sierra Club and a host of other well meaning organizations to be pawns in their quest for a “One World Order”.

The list goes on and on and includes why we are at war in the Middle East and why we shouldn’t be. Why we should be very wary of allowing Muslims to get a foothold in our country and why being politically correct is so un-American and so dangerous.

Chain reaction education

When the nucleus of an unstable atom such as plutonium is struck by a proton, it breaks up and sends off more protons. If the plutonium is dense enough that the newly formed protons can strike other atoms, a chain reaction occurs and all hell breaks loose.

Similarly a message sent out to several other recipients who in turn send the message out to several more recipients can have the same effect and the chain reaction goes viral, so to speak.

For those of us who have complained about the “one man one vote thing virtually stands for practically nothing” rational, he/she should rethink about the power he/she holds by unleashing the chain reaction process. Your action alone can amount to countless further actions in your direct down line. The message must be imperative and concise and I hope that I have accomplished this and inspired you to such needed action.

We have seen it in action lately in the Middle East where one man in Egypt started the call for the end of tyranny by setting himself on fire. Now we have seen many other neighboring oppressed nations fighting for their freedoms or at least change from tyranny as well.

Congress is far too corrupt to straighten out Congress and international bankers have far too much money behind the nefarious agendas that they perpetrate on the people.

Our voting process has been all but usurped and is largely controlled by various shenanigans such as gerrymandering districts and out right voter fraud. Such is the case in Washington State where the voting instructions on the ballet is set up to make voter fraud as easy as marking two lines on someone’s ballet in order to change the voter’s vote.

Our last line of defense comes down to educating the ignorant, awakening the oblivious, resurrecting the lethargic and the apathetic by overwhelming them with the unadulterated and unvarnished truth. Yes there are those who will never succumb to the truth but if they are shown the dangers, they may be then compelled to reason when their feet, or the feet of their friends, are at last sinking into the quicksand or they find themselves shivering in the dark.

Forces are hard at work and the end game is near at hand and they (the foreign bankers) will stop at nothing to gain what they deem is theirs or they so greedily want.

Those that would stoop to any low including destroying a country for profit are our enemies for sure and they care not for your safety, freedom or life and they have gained far too much ground already to attain their end game of “one world government/bank”.

What they have failed to take so far but are hard at work and close to taking, is our right to own firearms, our best methods of communication such as the internet, our privacy, a press free from out side control and our right to assembly. Perhaps we should put these rights and tools to good use before it is too late to act and while we still can.

Trumping Obama

One of the most difficult tasks for our countrymen is to select and elect good representatives and leaders that will uphold and abide by the laws of the land, namely our constitution and maintain the (our) American way of life.

One of the main problems is our two party system and the fact that both parties are equally guilty of criminal corruption and treasonous actions. Both of these parties pander to the corrupt side of things and neither is willing to allow anyone to muck up the highly profitable shams that they have going.

The only candidates that are seriously considered for office by the parties are the true (Politicos) who are a part of the entrenched establishment and the reasons are quite obvious.

Ross Perott was the last third leg candidate who could have thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into the machinery of the Washington mafia and came close to winning the election. So close in fact the established parties made quick changes to the system to ensure that it would never happen again.

The question now comes down to; who do you trust enough to take the reins of the country and pull us out of the quagmire that we are in and would he/she have what it takes to beet Obama?

Most, if not all, of the possible candidates that have been around long enough to swing the votes to get elected have also been around long enough to have become corrupted by the system and I further suggest that if they have not, they will not be endorsed by the GOP for the reasons given above.

Given all of what we know so far, what and who would be the best course of action to take in order to get the nation into good hands again?

I like Ron Paul as he is relentless in his pursuit to Audit the fed and for government to abide by the Constitution.

I like Michelle Bachman because she is a lot like Ron Paul and seems to have the energy and drive.

Pawlenty seems to be conservative but I don’t know much about him yet and I don’t know how much of a politico he really is.

Huckaby, well, he is a nice guy.

Donald Trump; I really like the way he says what is on his mind and doesn’t take shit from anybody. He has a handle on foreign affairs, on government corruption and business. He has a great track record of success and is not afraid to fire anyone who is not doing his job. His one draw back would be in getting the GOP stamp but if he could, he would be Obama’s worst nightmare.

I can already hear the dissing now;
Trump went bankrupt several times. (Can you show me a successful businessman who hasn't?)
Trump is adulteress. (So let's stay the course with Obummer and go down in virtuous and glorious flames).

We have already heard these and more before from the folks in the White House and is a very good indicator that they are very nervous about Trump.

What I don't want to hear is all of the perceived goofy reasons of why we can't get Trump, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman or who ever rises to the top elected. I would rather have a non politico elected to the office if I had my way but we will need to back whomever providing he/she is not as sinister as the present administration. We can not survive another 4 years of progressive Chicago style thuggery.

Let us stop the bickering about abortion, who is going to rob the elderly of their care, take the candy from babies or what ever trivial dribble that the moronic left can dream up.

It is time to focus on just one thing now and that is getting the Washington/Chicago Mafia out of the White House so that we can later focus on re-establishing the Constitution to its original prominence and its rightful place in our society.

Let's Trump Obamason

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