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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What the SBA will do for you

In my personal opinion and I do invite others to set me straight in case I should be wrong here; Of all of the federal programs that need to be abolished, no one organization has probably slowed the American economy more, and wasted more time, than that of the SBA with the exception of the Federal Reserve System.

The SBA is one of those organizations that were created solely for the dual purpose of appeasing the peasants and of course making nefarious opportunities for those that are graced with the support of insiders or know how to milk a system.

Every time there is a call for the Government to do something about the economy and jobs, the government department heads will haul out the SBA, dust it off again and grant it more funds for those who are in the good graces.

Has the SBA ever been a factor in creating jobs or lessoning the burdens of a bad economy for small business? No it hasn’t and if you think that it has, please ask yourself if you personally know of any one who has benefited from the SBA. Most folks who have tried to run the gauntlet of the SBA will laugh first and then shudder at the prospects of doing it again.

What the SBA will do for you however should you be foolish enough to jump through all of their hoops will be to ensure that you do not fail to fill out any of the government forms and to ensure that all of the government organizations are aware of your presence. They will make sure that you do not miss a single tax form and that you will comply with all rules, regulations and fees associated with business, your or not.

Once you have complied with all of the red tape and done your ground work completed your business plan etc, etc, you will normally find that the SBA will grant you a loan based primarily on the fact that you would have qualified for a loan in the first place from a bank on your own, unless of course you’re one of the favored ones. Other than the fact that it makes you get your ducks in order, what benefit does the SBA provide for you?

Even today with the President’s third or fourth offer of assistance from the SBA to small businesses, eye roll inserted here, I still find that if you no longer qualify for a loan from a bank, and many businesses these days no longer can, due to the economy, you will not find any funding from the SBA either. Well the special funds will go some place but probably not toward a business needing funds to stay alive.

So I ask you, are we any better off with the SBA in business or would we be better off if the SBA never existed and government could not use this ruse to escape responsibility?

Wouldn’t this be a good place to start reducing the size of government and government sponsored fraud?

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