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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Equally Unpalatable Dino Rossi?

I felt cheated and let down by my fellow man when Clint Didier did not get his chance to defeat Patty Murray later this fall. We needed someone like Clint to be elected to the US Senate in order to start the process of restoring freedom to our nation once again.

The first problem I think was the fact that there were far too many contenders in the primary and a substantial amount of votes were siphoned off by those that had no reasonable expectations to win.

Second reason I think is the fact that so few folks get involved enough to properly educate themselves to the issues at hand and I sure do wish that these folks would refrain from voting until they bone up on things a bit. I believe that a few years of living in a totalitarian state would bring them around but by then it would be far too late, wouldn’t it?

Third reason is the money; it is very difficult to get folks to contribute the kind of dollars that is required in order to educate the voters sufficiently as to the real reasons and issues that they need to consider before voting for a candidate.

I certainly hope that I’m wrong but Dino Rossi, in my estimation, probably wants the Senate seat for reasons other than saving our country from run away congress or restoring our freedom. I would guess that he refused to fill out the questionnaire given him by the C4L folks because he could not answer the questions without either lying through his teeth or tipping his hand.

Dino has also distanced himself from the Tea Party folks because he could not begin to and did not want to try to measure up with folks such as Clint Didier and he relied instead on his past name recognition and the fat wallets of the politico Mafia. I seriously doubt that Dino will have ethics superior to that of Patty Murray but at least he doesn’t have such a head start at the trough.

It is heart breaking however to realize that your only chance to remove the infamous Patty Murray from congress is to vote for someone who appears on the surface to be as equally unpalatable.

Well it may be too late to save Washington DC via the voting process, although I certainly hope not, but we may have to eventually put on our buckskins or colonial garb, load up our Kentucky long rifles and descend on Washington with the fervid task of firing the entire lot and reforming the Federal Government anew. However we still have folks like Heidi Munson and others, if you look for them, that have a chance to win at the state and local level and perhaps we can start rebuilding America on a state by state basis.

Any way, keep your powder dry and be sure to vote wisely again this fall.

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