The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Regarding; never give up

I want to thank Sue Copeland, of Campaign for Liberty, for her efforts and hard work in regards to our nations plight. I see some very good input by some very level heads and I think that these efforts can have some positive impact in our nation's future. Even though I live in a sea of liberals, I am meeting more and more concerned conservatives and beginning to see one or two liberals peeking out of their warm cocoons.

However I sadly feel that as long as Couch Potato Joe can tune in to Monday night football, with his friends and still find away to afford a few six packs of brew light to drink as they cheers on their favorite quarter back, there will be no rally to arms, no battle cry or not even a small gathering of friends and concerned neighbors to discuss how to gain back our freedom.

No, I'm afraid that most of these misguided liberal Joe's out there will do anything to tune out the harsh realities of life and cover their ears when they hear the words of warning and cries of discontent. Joe will still be clinging to the shirt tails of government until the grocery shelves are empty, the gas pumps are dry, until he is sleeping in the streets and there is no TV sets to watch Monday night football. When Joe finally does get hungry and cold and there is no more beer, he will act, and I can only hope that he bites the hand that destroyed his preferred way of life and not the hands that will offer to help him regain his freedom and respect.

It's not entirely Joe's fault. We the "fourth leg of the government" people let it happen because we were too busy to get involved with government. We did not cry out at our elected officials when they stole our freedom chip by chip. We did not respond to the governments blatant theft of the peoples wealth, We did not rise in anger when our government officials created department after department of freedom robbing bureaucrats. We did not storm our schools and insist on firing those that twisted the minds of our children. We did not take the time to notice how Hollywood and daytime cartoons molded and shaped the minds of our young into little marching socialists. No it is our fault and we need to address these problems.

Let us all hope that we can rally enough support to put this country back on track, before Joe runs out of beer.

I just finished a four page letter to President Obama, that I fully intend to send, and I also posted it on my blog site at Obama letter

Caution, these are the words of the radical and very dangerous constitution loving, gun toting, independent thinking, freedom demanding, mainstream center kind of American.

I would like to urge everyone who is dissatisfied or concerned with the present administration or the present state of government to take the time and write a letter to the president. We should flood his mailbox with concern. I would also urge you to be polite but to tell him what you really think but I would highly recommend that you do not word it in any threatening way in order to not face federal charges.

Speak up and be heard, before it is too late.

If you have not had a chance to sign the article of impeachment or the second declaration of independence, it is in the heading of this blog page.

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