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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

My name is Lyle Brunckhorst and I am nearly 68 years of age and still fit enough to work at my craft although the economy has all but destroyed my once thriving business along with my pride and hope.

I enlisted in the Army in 1959 and proudly served my country during a short duration of peace. I was the lucky one as my father served before me and gave his life at Guam preserving my freedom.

I stand in awe and have much pride for all of the soldiers that have fought first for our freedom and then those that have fought to protect that freedom that we paid such a price for. I also stand in awe and feel heart sick for the soldiers and families that continue to fight under not so clear political intention. It also breaks my heart to watch this hard fought for freedom slip away as we helplessly stand by and witness its demise.

This brings me the point of this letter:

Although I have watched with bewilderment and great concern the slow but systematic destruction of our American freedoms over the years, I am now becoming angry with the blatant, reckless and willful destruction of our constitution and our basic freedom by a run away congress and misdirected administration. There are many important issues that need to be addressed but here are just a few.

You were elected to both uphold and protect our Constitution, instead you and congress are blatantly thumbing your nose at it while trying to pass a healthcare bill that will place the government in full control of the American people and destroy our freedom and American way of life. If you had been paying attention to the American people, you would have known by now that most Americans do not want anything to do with Public healthcare.

As our commander in chief, it is your job to take your generals recommendations under advisement and do your best to keep our troops as safe as possible while they do their job. If you don’t plan on winning the war in Afghanistan, please bring home the troops immediately. We can only hope that when action on your part is required again, that you do not again dither away the precious weeks and months.

A quick look at history will tell you that spending money is not the way to end a recession or a depression, call it what you will and that Ronald Reagan proved that cutting both taxes and government spending was an effective way to end it. Stop printing and spending money, it is destroying our country and the American people. In fact the American people can and will pull themselves out of this muck hole of a depression if the government would just simply get the hell out of the way and let the folks do business as usual.

I am highly disappointed in you as the highest elected official of the land. You could have been a historic hero and proven, to the world, that race is not and should not be an issue in America or any other country. After all, the fact that the people elected you are proof enough that race was not an issue anymore. If you had applied your talents and expertise at keeping America both safe and free for our future generations to come, if you had taken to upholding and protecting the constitution, as you swore to, you would have made this country even greater than it ever has been. Instead you have divided the nation, fueled the fires of racism, destroyed the economy, and now you are trying to steal what remains of our freedom and turn the worlds greatest and most looked up to nation into a third world banana republic. In my estimation, Mr. President you will instead go down in history as the one who destroyed America.

There are other certain and unsettling things about you as president that do not bode well with the average American such as the fact that you have never cleared up the controversy concerning your US birth certificate, that you appear to have nothing but contempt for the very country that elected you to the highest office, the fact that you bow to the leaders of foreign countries as if you were their servant, even the despots, and the fact that you are so willing to sell the American people out to foreigners in the name of “world environment”. I’m sorry sir, but you seem to resemble the enemy of the American dream, not its champion.

You have repeatedly stated that you were the one elected President but that does not give you a license to trash our Constitution, destroy our hard earned freedom, wreck our economy, dismantle capitalism, saddle our future generations with dept, expand an over bloated government and generally rob the American public. Even the folks that swallowed your swill about change will eventually wake up from their dazed state and discover that this was not the kind of change that they wanted.

Americans have for a very long time, been watching corrupt politicians, at all levels, bilk the system and the citizen out of countless dollars with a myriad of shameless schemes and cons and have become all but anesthetized with it. Your administration appears to have found ways to accelerate this process to new highs and instead of millions of dollars being pilfered by the elitist few you have taken it to a staggering new level and it is now billions and even perhaps trillions of dollars.

The biggest fraud of all perpetuated by the government and the con artist that invented it is the Cap and Tax bill. Have you ever heard of the receding ice age? It is supposed to be warming up and yet it is actually cooling at the moment. How many billions of dollars will this fraud cost the American tax payer?

However, the biggest frustration that we Americans have with your policies and ideology is that we are not just in a recession or depression but we feel that we will never again see any light at the end of the tunnel. How, on earth, can you expect the American public to be compliant with your wishes, when you offer absolutely no hope or viable solution to their problems. Again I suggest that you simply get out of the way and let capitalism work its magic. After all, it has worked for many years and will continue to work if government will stop the practice of giving special treatment to corporations that greases the palms of Congress.

I know that it is asking you too much to stop the feds, special interests and congress from propelling us into oblivion and destroying our country, so I’ll just ask that you do the right thing and resign before you do even more damage. Never in the course of history has any administration or Congress, done so much in so little time to destroy a nation.

Because of your perfidious actions and that you seem to not be willing to listen to the very folks that elected you as president, except perhaps the folks at Acorn and the union bosses, I have no other option than to do what ever I legally can to remove you and your cohorts from power. You sir have driven a stake right through the very heart and spirit of America and you do not deserve to be the President of the United States of America.

It angers me and pains my heart that my father and so many other good men gave their lives so that I and my fellow Americans could go on living free, to see it all be destroyed by our corrupt and or misguided elected officials.


Lyle Brunckhorst
Owner of a busted business

A PS to President Obama,

I would like to give you a quick run down about me and my business and how your and other former political policies are and will wreak havoc with me and tens of thousands of other businesses and millions of Americans.

I, like many other Americans, were not genetically equipped to cope with a school system that taught primarily by the rote method and heavily relied on the memory skills of the students to retain enough information to pass the required tests. The world is full of idiots that possess great memory functions. They have managed to somehow earn various kinds of prestigious degrees and invade the system. The system then and now fails miserably at teaching, our young, how to think and how to further their education on their own. I was however lucky enough to have one great teacher, at grade 5, who brought me up to speed and gave me a five year education in one year. It was not until college that I again had the opportunity to get further formal education. The moral of this story is that the greatest country on Earth has no clue how to teach our young. However the system has been used very efficiently by those that would like to destroy our way of life and has succeeded at indoctrinating our children to such a degree that our founding fathers would scarcely recognize them as being the children that were raised in the land of the free.

Thirty three years ago in 1976, after mastering the skills of various different jobs, I finally discovered what it was in life that I wanted to do. I taught myself how to make hunting knives and I took to it with a passion and I challenged myself many times with projects that took me farther and farther into educating myself on many various things from metallurgy to computer skills. I found myself in an ever changing and fast growing community of artist that has kept raising the bar for excellence and has benefited the world wide community of cutlery as a whole. During these several decades I have taken many turns in this field and had learned how to not only survive but how to thrive in a field that has captivated the hearts and imagination of so many and has developed one of the top ten investments in the nation, if not in fact the world.

Although I had learned many of the artistic aspects of knife making, such as making mosaic Damascus (pattern welded steel), developed the world’s safest and strongest Patent pending (Xross Bar) locking folding knife and developing the world’s best production hoof knife for professional farriers (Double L Brand), I did not put all of my eggs in just one basket.

I also developed the much copied knife maker’s heat treating furnace, organized the Professional Knifemakers Association, and organized three major national knife shows. However my most prosperous endeavor was developing a web site to sell the world’s best knife sharpening systems and after more than ten years of hard work, I managed to gain the number one position on Google with the generic term of “knife sharpeners”.

I had been watching the rising Google score and finally starting to enjoy the fruits of my labor when in September of 2008 it made it to the top to the number one position and my sales of knife sharpeners responded accordingly. I had finally done it and life was good.

However, you can not possibly understand my dismay when Allen Greenspan announced, in that very same week, of that same September, that the sky was falling and that we were in a bad recession. I was also dismayed when all sales plummeted and my Xross Bar sales came to a complete screaming halt due to the investment carnage on Wall Street.

Now to a well funded business, this would all be taken in stride and the savvy business owner would start mapping out how to survive the storm and arrive at the other end still afloat. We have seen these recessions before and I decided to just simply wait out the storm and do my best to keep my boat from sinking. However as I stated before, I was working on several projects at once and therefore I did not have enough eggs to fill all of the baskets. To the chagrin of so many, no one dared to think or believe that this storm would be a perfect storm and threaten to sink the entire fleet of boats nation wide.

Looking back at what happened I could have used a far different strategy and placed my priorities differently. I would have simply stopped making payments to the callous banking concerns, who latter failed me miserably anyway, and continued to pay my vendors who had placed their trust in me. I had worked very hard at improving my credit score and kept up with all banking payments until my vendors had to cut me off. When I tried to get a badly needed loan from the bank, I was summarily sent to the SBA where I was then promptly turned down because I had failed to show a profit during a time period when I was developing new products and therefore had more expense than income.

Now Mr. President I know that you were not responsible for starting this recession, however you have done nothing evident yet to slow or stop it either. As a matter of fact, it seems as if you are doing everything in your power to use this recession to gain your further political interests and to destroy this country. I do so hope that I am wrong in this regard, as I can not imagine the final outcome, of your reprehensible efforts, if I am right.

If you really want to know what the plight of our country is, just compound my stated situation by the proper numerical factors and you have a major national disaster on your hands. For every business, such as mine, that is being affected at this moment in a similar way, there are millions of folks who rely on us for jobs and their well being.

Want to know what is wrong with America? It is not the lack of government in our health care nor is it the lack of government in anything for that matter. Instead, it is the very involvement of government, in everything, that is at the root of our troubles as follows.

Our schools are atrocious at best and we would be better off if we shut them down.
Our banks are at the mercy of the world’s largest ponzi scheme, “The FED”.
Health care, due to government involvement has become far too expensive.
Government is no longer controlled by the people and is largely corrupt.
The Constitution is being shredded by the very same that are sworn to defend it.
The “government of the people” is now becoming the very enemy of the people.
The people have lost all faith in government and its elected leaders.

Lyle Brunckhorst, Concerned citizen.

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