The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Open letter to all State Govenors

It would seem as though the federal government has become far too large, far too wasteful, far too corrupt and that it now thinks that it has the complete authority over all of the states and all of the states citizens and that it no longer has to comply with the very instrument and its rules that gave it these powers in the first place. It is also apparent that many of the elected folks in government has invented ways to ensure re-election by methods such as "Gerrymandering" and are starting to use other methods that amount to outright voter fraud. One example would be the illegal activities of Acorn and another example would be the infamous Florida hanging shad.

This is an open invitation for each and all of the 50 States to stand up to the out of control US government and take back this country and re-establish the same principles that we originally based it on. It is time for the states to regain their sovereignty again and enforce the clearly written rules of our constitution.

I am asking the Governors and the lawmakers of each and every state to unify and enact policies that will refute any and all Federal laws that do not clearly and concisely meet the specifications and approval of the US constitution and the bill of rights.

I further ask that all states form and sign a petition and collectively submit it to congress to either strip the US government of any laws that are not clearly constitutional or better yet dismantle the US government and then reform a new US government as provided by the US constitution.

We can do it, all we need is a little courage and be willing to take back our freedom.

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