The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A letter of declaration to Barack Hussein Obama and the Leaders of the House and Senate.

Consider this letter to represent the people of the United States as a proclamation to decree that any and all laws, rules and regulations, made by any means of government that can not be clearly warranted or justified by the United States Constitution, are considered as nullified and defunct.

No American who has taken the time to understand any of the current health care bills now in congress are in favor of it and indeed most Americans who have taken the time to understand the ramifications of this bill are terrified by it and are becoming adamant about it not passing.

It is true that most Americans are concerned about health care and that something needs to be done about it, but no one wants the government to use it as an excuse to pass some government controlled Orwellian monster that is at best a government grab of our freedom and rights. We the people are suggesting that government is the primary problem in the first place with the myriad laws now governing our health.

We the people know that passing this bill will ring in the end of freedom in America and will destroy our beloved country and way of life. We therefore denounce this bill and basically take a very dim view of most of the other bills now proposed in Congress as well.

What concerns the American public greatly is the cavalier and contemptuous attitude of our elected officials in regards to their sworn oath to protect and follow the guidelines and rules of our Constitution. Obviously the very parts of our government that were charged with the responsibility of prosecuting those same folks, who commit treason or criminal acts and are trashing our constitution, are themselves mired down with corruption.

We would like to remind you that it is within the constitutional powers of the states to dismantle the government when it is evident that it has become corrupt and out of control and to re-establish a new government based on the sound principles of our forefathers and our constitution. I therefore call upon our states leaders in this dark hour to do just that and fire all concerned in Washington and renew our great country.

It is also within the constitutional powers of the people of this great nation to dismantle a corrupt and out of control government if the states fail to and if the states do find themselves so mired down in corruption as well, then it will be up to the citizens of this great country to do the job.

We the people are sick and tired of a government that uses stealth, lies, intimidation, illegal expenditures and devious tactics behind closed doors against its very own citizens to enact legislation concocted by special interest groups to rob the American public of not only their hard earned money but also of their hard fought for freedom.

We the people are sick and tired of an engineered political system that has made a mockery of the election process. The American citizens are becoming aware that there is little difference between the parties and that most political issues, battled over between the two, are nothing more than smoke and mirrors and petty issues. We therefore demand transparency and integrity of our government and its elected members and criminal prosecution for those that abuse it.

Therefore be warned that if you continue to proceed in trying to pass this devastating and evil bill and continue to trash our constitution, we will be forced to respond to our civil and legal duty and dismantle the golden palace that you have built for yourselves from the ill gotten gains and the sweat and blood of the American people.

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