The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Call to Action

At the risk of alienating a few of my friends and colleagues and driving off what damn little business that remains, I am asking that all of my friends, colleagues and others to not only join me in my efforts but to please take the same chance and do the same thing.

As some of you know or have at least had to have heard by now, our country is under a massive attack from within and although a great many people have become enlightened, way too many folks are still sound asleep or have been thoroughly brainwashed and actually think that things are better now and they will start receiving free bennies.

We are losing our freedom at lightning speed now under the current administration that was shifted into high gear by the last administration but actually started by various administrations within the past 100 years. So you see this is not a Dem versus GOP, a Wade versus Roe or any other frivolous bicker point that we have been trained into arguing over. While we argue over minor trivia, the progressives keep winning and taking it all.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that most folks, as well as I, do not really know what to do, however in the meantime, I do recommend at least the following tact:

Educate yourselves thoroughly on what is really going on. However, do not expect to find factual information on the “Lame Stream News” such as CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.

Find and sign both the “Audit the Fed” and the “Impeach Obama” petitions.

Write your congressman including your representatives, senators and governors demanding that they follow and protect the US and state constitution and insist that they do not pass any unconstitutional laws and insist that they toss out any existing unconstitutional laws.

Insist that they investigate all incidents of ethics violations, especially those that concern the constitution, and demand jail time for those that try to usurp the constitution.

Insist that all lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats follow and protect the constitution as they are sworn in to do or go to jail.

Inform your leaders that you will not tolerate or abide by any unconstitutional law.

Remove your children from the public school system until they stop the practice of indoctrination and agree to start teaching proper American history without the “progressive” (read that communist thinking) slant.

Pull the plug on television; do not allow your children to watch cartoons or any other children’s programs that are embedded with progressive or socialistic (propaganda) views.

Stock up for the long haul, get yourself prepared for any event and join a tea party.

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